Name : Luminar Neo 1.15.0

Size : 4.7 GB

Download Luminar Neo for Mac 1.15.0 (16133)

The Luminar Neo software is an advanced and innovative image editing tool that harnesses the power of AI technologies to streamline complex editing processes and empower creators to manifest their most daring ideas. Here are the key features and functionalities of Luminar Neo:

Feature Highlights:


  • Control Light in 3D Space: Utilize RelightAI to adjust the light in three-dimensional space across a 2D image. It calculates depth and creates a 3D map for precise lighting adjustments.
  • Separate Foreground and Background Lighting: Enable separate adjustment of the foreground and background lighting, enabling creative relighting for your artistic vision.

AI-Powered Editing:

  • Remove Elements with AI: Automatically remove distracting elements like power lines or clutter from your photos using AI.
  • Layers and AI Masking: Combine MaskAI and Layers for limitless creativity. MaskAI automates masking while Layers allow for the addition of various objects and graphics.

Sky Replacement:

  • Sky Replacement: Seamlessly replace the sky in images using advanced technology, including water reflections and human-aware relighting to match the new sky.

Image Engine Enhancements:

  • Lightning-Fast Editing: The updated image engine offers faster performance, optimized module-based processing, and specific enhancements to achieve complex creative results.

Additional Features:

  • Innovative User Experience: Aimed at simplifying complex image editing and maximizing creativity.
  • Fine Control Over Light: Adjust exposure based on distance from the lens, enabling independent background and foreground exposure control.
  • Sensor and Lens Cleaning: Automatically remove spots caused by dust and dirt on your lens or sensor.

New Tools and AI-Powered Solutions:

  • Expanded Toolbox: Luminar Neo features new and enhanced AI-powered tools designed to solve photography-related challenges and offer unprecedented creative freedom.
  • Mobile App in Development: A new mobile app is being developed to facilitate the easy transfer of photos between mobile devices and computers.


  • Supported Platforms: macOS 10.14.6 or later, compatible with both Apple Silicon and Intel-based Macs.

Skylum’s Commitment:

  • Cutting-Edge Features: Additional updates and cutting-edge features are promised to be shipped as free updates after the official release.

Where to Find Luminar Neo:

  • Official Homepage: For more details, information, and download options, you can visit the Luminar Neo Homepage.

Luminar Neo stands out for its AI-driven editing capabilities, fast performance, and innovative features designed to cater to photographers looking to take their editing experience to new heights.