Name : Integrity Pro

Size : 4 MB

Integrity Pro for Mac free Download

Integrity Pro is an application that builds upon Integrity Plus, introducing a new crawling engine (v10) with enhanced features. Here’s a summary of its key features and details:

1. Crawling Engine:

  • Utilizes the new v10 crawling engine for checking links and generating a sitemap.
  • Incorporates the searching, filtering, and exporting functionalities found in Integrity Plus.

2. SEO Details:

  • Adds SEO (Search Engine Optimization) details to the analysis of websites.

3. Sitewide Spellcheck:

  • Conducts a sitewide spellcheck, ensuring that the content is free from spelling errors across the entire site.

4. Position in Product Line:

  • Positioned between Integrity Plus and Scrutiny, offering a more affordable step for Integrity Plus users.
  • Designed to provide additional features compared to Integrity Plus but not intended to replace Scrutiny.

5. Upgrade Policy:

  • Users of Integrity Plus can expect an upgrade to Integrity Pro, but during the early public beta, the application is free until the stable version is released.

6. Compatibility:

  • Compatible with macOS 10.14 or later.
  • Supports both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.

7. Homepage:

Integrity Pro aims to offer advanced features for users who want an intermediary step between Integrity Plus and Scrutiny, providing a more cost-effective option for Integrity Plus users. The application is in early public beta, with the stable version expected to be released later.