Name : iCompta

Size : 25 MB

iCompta For Mac Free Download


iCompta is an application designed to simplify account management, allowing users to effortlessly handle their finances. With features like tracking income and expenses, scheduling bills, maintaining budgetary control, and generating insightful charts, iCompta provides a comprehensive solution for financial management.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Account Management:
  • iCompta supports the management of multiple accounts with various currencies, offering flexibility for diverse financial setups.
  1. Transaction Tracking:
  • Users can easily sort and filter transactions, enabling the creation of statistics on income and expenses. The application provides a clear overview of financial activities.
  1. Budget Management:
  • Keep track of income and expenses by setting up budgets. This feature helps users stay within their budgetary limits.
  1. Portfolio Monitoring:
  • iCompta allows users to monitor their investment portfolio, providing insights into financial assets.
  1. Shared Expenses:
  • Manage shared expenses efficiently, keeping track of who owes what to whom.
  1. Reports and Charts:
  • Generate beautiful and informative reports and charts to gain a visual understanding of financial data.
  1. Transaction Download:
  • Download transactions directly from the bank with one click, provided the bank supports OFX direct download. Alternatively, use the embedded browser for a slightly more involved process.
  1. Import/Export Capabilities:
  • Easily import/export transactions in various formats, including QIF, OFX, CSV, XML, and JSON.
  1. Synchronization:
  • Full synchronization between iCompta 6 on Mac and iCompta 6 on iPhone/iPad is supported using iCloud, Dropbox, or a local network.
  1. Batch Editing and Rules Engine:
    • Modify multiple transactions simultaneously using batch editing or the powerful rules engine.
  2. Professional Features:
    • Handle taxes, manage clients, and create invoices with additional professional features.
  3. Security:
    • iCompta offers password protection to ensure the security of financial data.


  • Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later


For more detailed information about iCompta and its features, users can visit the official homepage.

iCompta stands out as a versatile financial management tool, offering a range of features for users to monitor accounts, track transactions, manage budgets, and gain insights through reports and charts. With additional professional features and security measures, it provides a comprehensive solution for effective financial control.