Name : iClip

Size : 42 MB

iClip for Mac free Download

iClip is a versatile multiple clipboard and scrapbook tool designed to help you keep a history of your copied items, allowing you to access them easily whenever needed. Here are some key features of iClip:

Key Features:

  • Multiple Clipboard Support: iClip enables you to store a history of almost anything you copy, rather than just the last item, making it easy to access previously copied content.
  • Convenient Access: Access iClip effortlessly by simply moving your cursor to the side of the screen, similar to accessing the Mac’s Dock.
  • Various Input Methods: Get content into and out of iClip using hotkeys, drag-and-drop, or a single click, providing flexibility in how you manage your clipboard history.
  • Organizational Tools: Organize your stored clips into multiple sets, allowing you to categorize and manage them more efficiently.
  • Quick Access to Common Items: Store common items such as email replies, logos, signatures, code snippets, and more for quick access using keyboard shortcuts or a single click.


  • iClip is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later, ensuring broad compatibility with a wide range of Mac systems.

Experience the convenience of managing multiple clipboards with iClip. Visit the homepage for more information and to download the application.