Name : Gemini

Size : 48 MB

Download Gemini for Mac V-2.9.11

Gemini 2 is a utility application for macOS designed to help users free up disk space by identifying and removing duplicate and similar files on their Mac. The app is capable of scanning various file types and locations, including Photos, iTunes, external drives, and even cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It employs a Smart Selection algorithm to ensure that duplicates are removed correctly and safely. Here are some key features and information about Gemini 2:

Key Features of Gemini 2:

  1. Duplicate File Detection: Gemini 2 is designed to find duplicate files of various types, including pictures, music, documents, and more. It can also identify duplicate folders.
  2. External Drives and Network Volumes: The app allows you to delete duplicates not only on your Mac’s internal drive but also on external drives and network volumes.
  3. Cloud Storage: Gemini 2 can identify and remove duplicates in cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.
  4. Organize Music and Photos: It helps you find duplicate photos in your Photos library and identifies pictures that are similar but not identical. You can also spot duplicates in your iTunes library, including similar music files differing only by format or bit rate.
  5. Smart Selection: The Smart Selection algorithm automatically selects duplicate files for removal while keeping the original files intact. It provides handy icons to help you understand how similar files differ.
  6. Custom Rules: You can add your own Smart Selection rules, such as deleting the older duplicates.
  7. Data Recovery: If you accidentally remove the wrong duplicate, you can restore it with a single click.
  8. Exclusions: You can exclude certain files and folders from the scan to avoid deleting important files.
  9. Move Duplicates: Gemini 2 allows you to move duplicates to a separate folder or onto a USB drive for safekeeping.
  10. Hardlinks: The app can replace copies with hardlinks to save space without deleting the files.
  11. User-Friendly Design: Gemini 2 features a space-themed design and offers achievements, ranks, and even an Easter Egg for a fun user experience.

System Requirements:
Gemini 2 is compatible with macOS, although specific macOS versions are not mentioned. Users can check the app’s system requirements on the official website or the App Store listing.

Official Homepage:
For more detailed information about Gemini 2, including pricing and download options, you can visit the official Gemini 2 page on the MacPaw website: Gemini 2 Official Homepage.

Gemini 2 is a handy tool for macOS users looking to free up storage space by identifying and removing duplicate files. Its Smart Selection algorithm simplifies the process, and the app offers a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.