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Fork is a fast and user-friendly Git client designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your Git experience. With a range of features geared towards efficiency and ease of use, Fork helps you manage your Git repositories with ease. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Commit List: View a comprehensive list of commits in your repository, allowing you to track changes and manage your project history effectively.
  2. Working Directory Changes: Easily view and manage changes to your working directory, including additions, modifications, and deletions.
  3. Side by Side Diff: Compare file differences side by side, making it easy to understand and resolve conflicts between different versions of your code.
  4. Repository Manager: Access a summary and statistics of your repository, helping you stay organized and informed about your project’s progress.

Basic Features:

  • Fetch, pull, push: Perform common Git operations such as fetching updates from remote repositories, pulling changes, and pushing your commits.
  • Commit, amend: Create new commits or amend existing ones to refine your project’s history.
  • Branch and tag management: Create, delete, and manage branches and tags to organize your work effectively.
  • Remote repository management: Create, delete, and manage remote repositories to collaborate with others and share your code.
  • Checkout: Switch between branches or specific revisions of your repository with ease.
  • Cherry-pick, revert: Apply specific commits to your current branch or revert changes to undo unwanted modifications.
  • Merge, rebase: Integrate changes from one branch into another using merge or rebase operations.
  • Stashes: Temporarily store changes in a stash to work on other tasks without committing them.

Additional Features:

  • Repository management: Create new repositories, clone existing ones, or add repositories to your Fork workspace for easy access.
  • Commit view: Review and manage individual commits, including staging and unstaging changes line by line and accessing recent commit messages.
  • Browse repository file tree: Navigate through your repository’s file tree at any commit to explore project history and file changes.
  • Merge conflict resolution: Resolve merge conflicts intuitively within Fork’s interface, helping you address conflicts efficiently.
  • Stashes in commit list: View your stashes directly within the commit list, making it easy to manage and apply them as needed.

Compatibility: Fork is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later, ensuring broad support across Mac systems.

Fork continues to evolve and improve over time, providing users with a powerful yet user-friendly Git client that enhances productivity and collaboration in software development projects.