Name : Dash

Size : 21 MB

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Dash Overview:

Dash is a versatile tool serving as both an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. It aids users in storing and managing code snippets while offering instant search and navigation through documentation for a wide range of APIs. With support for offline documentation and numerous features for developers, Dash aims to streamline coding workflows.

Documentation Browser Features:

  1. Offline Documentation:
  • Access offline documentation for various platforms and languages, including iOS, OS X, Swift, Java, Python, JavaScript, and many more.
  1. API Support:
  • Provides documentation for an extensive list of APIs, covering web development, programming languages, frameworks, and more.
  1. Offline Availability:
  • Access documentation without an internet connection, ensuring availability even in offline environments.
  1. Highlighted Search:
  • Perform in-page searches with highlighted results for quick navigation.
  1. Bookmarks and Profiles:
  • Save bookmarks for frequently used documentation pages.
  • Create search profiles to switch between docsets easily.
  1. Integration Plugins:
  • Integrated with various development tools and applications, including Xcode, Sublime Text, Atom, Eclipse, and more.
  1. Search Filters:
  • Define keyword filters to search specific docsets, enhancing search precision.
  1. Integration with Other Apps:
  • Support for integration with applications using the “dash://” URL scheme or the “Look up in Dash” system service.
  1. Remote Screen for iOS:
  • Use Dash for iOS to turn an iOS device into a remote screen dedicated to documentation.
  1. Annotation Support:
    • Annotate documentation pages and view public annotations for collaboration.

Snippet Manager Features:

  1. Code Snippet Collection:
  • Collect and manage snippets of code that are frequently reused.
  1. Syncing with Dropbox:
  • Sync the snippet library using Dropbox for seamless access across devices.
  1. Syntax Highlighting:
  • Supports over 80 syntaxes for code highlighting.
  1. Variable Placeholders:
  • Edit variable placeholders before pasting to customize snippets.
  1. Abbreviation Expansion:
  • Expand abbreviations wherever they are typed for efficient coding.
  1. Special Snippet Placeholders:
  • Includes placeholders like @clipboard, @cursor, @date, and @time for dynamic snippet insertion.
  1. Fuzzy Search:
  • Utilizes fuzzy search to accommodate for misspellings during searches.
  1. Retina-Ready and Multi-Touch:
  • Provides a high-resolution Retina display and supports multi-touch gestures.


  • macOS 10.14 or later (64-bit).

What’s New in Version 7.2.1:

  • Release notes were unavailable at the time of the update.


Dash offers a comprehensive solution for developers, providing quick access to offline documentation and efficient management of reusable code snippets. With a user-friendly interface and integration support with popular development tools, Dash is designed to enhance productivity in coding tasks.