Name : Chronicle Pro

Size : 11 MB

Download Chronicle Pro for Mac V- 14.3.2

Chronicle Pro is a comprehensive bill management tool designed to help users proactively manage their expenses and bills effectively. It provides features that streamline bill payment, financial planning, and bill tracking, ensuring a more organized and informed approach to personal finances. The Pro version offers advanced functionalities beyond the standard version of Chronicle. Here are the key features available in Chronicle Pro:

Chronicle Pro Features:

Forecast View & Amount to Save

  • Future Billing Forecast: Chronicle enables users to view upcoming bills and financial obligations for the next year, allowing a glimpse of what’s due every month. It calculates the monthly amount needed to save for bills that have less frequent payment schedules.

Intelligent Estimated Amount Due

  • Smart Bill Estimation: The app intelligently estimates the amount due for bills that vary based on various factors like bill type, payment history, and seasonal fluctuations. For instance, it learns patterns in your utility bills, predicting higher or lower costs during different seasons.

Monthly History & Annual Reports

  • Spending Overviews: Users can analyze their spending month by month, and compare year-over-year spending for each month. On the Mac version, detailed spending reports are available to monitor expenses across months.

Chronicle Cloud

  • Backup and Sync: Chronicle Pro includes cloud backup features, allowing users to securely store bill data in the cloud. This also facilitates data synchronization across multiple devices, making it easier to share bill-related information with a partner or business associate.

Custom Repeat Intervals

  • Flexible Scheduling: Custom repeat intervals offer more control over managing bills with less common or irregular repeat schedules, including various payment intervals like US Estimated Income Tax Schedules.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: macOS 11.0 or later

Where to Find Chronicle Pro:

Chronicle Pro is tailored to help users accurately forecast bills, intelligently estimate due amounts, and provide a comprehensive overview of their monthly and annual spending, empowering better financial planning and bill management.