Name : CHM Viewer Star

Size : 7 MB

Download CHM Viewer Star for Mac v-6.3.2CHM Viewer Star is a

CHM Viewer Star is a specialized macOS application designed for reading CHM (Compiled HTML Help) files. CHM files are often used for software documentation and help manuals. This app provides a convenient and user-friendly way to access and navigate CHM documents. Here are some of the key features and details about CHM Viewer Star:

Main Features:

  1. CHM File Reader: CHM Viewer Star allows users to open and read CHM files with ease. This makes it a handy tool for accessing software documentation, help files, and manuals that are typically stored in CHM format.
  2. Text Zoom: Users can zoom in and out of the text within CHM files, allowing for better readability and customization of the viewing experience.
  3. Navigation: The app provides navigation options to move back and forth between different sections or pages within the CHM document.
  4. Bookmarking: Users can add bookmarks to mark specific pages or sections within a CHM file for quick reference.
  5. FullScreen Mode: For macOS versions 10.9 and later, CHM Viewer Star offers a full-screen mode, providing an immersive reading experience.
  6. Text Encoding: You have the option to modify the text encoding to ensure that the text within the CHM file is displayed correctly.
  7. Printing: The app allows you to print the currently viewed topic or section from the CHM file, which can be useful for creating physical copies of documentation.
  8. Search Functionality: You can search within the CHM file for specific keywords or phrases. The app supports searching across the entire document, and you can use the Command+F shortcut to find text on the current viewing page.


  • CHM Viewer Star is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later.

CHM Viewer Star is a dedicated CHM file viewer that simplifies the process of accessing and reading CHM documents on macOS. It offers essential features for navigating, searching, and customizing the viewing experience of CHM files, making it a valuable tool for users who need to access help manuals and documentation in this format.