Name : Boris FX Optics 2024

Size : 1.9 GB

Download Boris FX Optics for Mac V- 2024.0.1.63

Optics is a comprehensive tool created by Academy Award-winning effects artists, offering a complete range of image editing capabilities and photo-based visual effects. Providing 174 unique filters and thousands of creative imaging presets across 10 distinct categories, it brings Hollywood-quality lighting and lens effects, curated film looks, and advanced particle creation tools to photographers and visual artists.

Key Features:

Particle Illusion for Photo Editing:

  • New inclusion of the Particle Illusion category allows for creating photorealistic effects and creative elements in photographs.
  • Features over 1700 particle presets, including effects like Smoke, Fire, Water, Sparkles, Explosions, Dust, and more.

Comprehensive Lighting Effects:

  • Offers a vast library of procedural lens flares, lighting effects, gobos, and particle effects for photography.
  • Users can design, edit, and save their own libraries of presets, providing extensive creative control over effects.

Trusted by Professional VFX Artists:

  • Features plugins and filters regularly employed in famous films and television shows.
  • Integrates top tools from the Boris FX Suite, including Lens Flares, Light Rays, Ultra Zap, UltraGlow, Light Leaks, among others from Boris FX Sapphire collection and Continuum’s Beauty Studio.

Physical Camera Qualities:

  • Emulates the physical characteristics of optical camera filters, historical film stocks, color grading, and lens and diffusion effects.
  • Includes filters like Mist, Fog, Net, Halo, along with the new Beauty Studio filter for subtle skin retouching.

Effect Presets:

  • Offers over 600 historical film stocks and film looks, including color grades inspired by famous Hollywood films.
  • Includes 126 optical lens flare presets, 800+ Gobo lighting patterns, and 1700+ particle presets for a variety of effects.

Masking and Paint Tools:

  • Employs powerful masking and paint tools for replacing backgrounds, isolating effects, or retouching pixels.
  • Includes various masking types, blend modes for combining masks, and painting, cloning, and blurring features.

Graphic Design Exploration:

  • Apply Optics to text for creating striking graphics and style frames.
  • Incorporates multiple generator and texture effects to design unique backgrounds and graphic elements.

Homepage: Boris FX – Optics