Name : Adobe Illustrator 2024

Size : 3.6 GB

Adobe Illustrator 2024 for Mac free Download

Adobe Illustrator CC is the industry-standard vector graphics software that empowers designers and artists to create logos, icons, typography, and illustrations for various mediums such as print, web, video, and mobile. Used by millions, Illustrator CC offers a comprehensive set of drawing tools for transforming simple shapes and colors into sophisticated graphics that scale seamlessly from mobile screens to billboards, maintaining crispness and clarity.

Key Features of Adobe Illustrator CC:

  1. Iconic Work at Any Size:
  • Access a wide range of drawing tools to create logos, icons, and graphics.
  • Illustrator artwork is vector-based, ensuring scalability without loss of quality.
  1. Gorgeous Typography:
  • Utilize the best type tools to incorporate company names into logos, design flyers, or mock up website layouts.
  • Add effects, manage styles, and edit individual characters to create expressive typographic designs.
  1. Attention-Grabbing Artwork:
  • Create freehand drawings or trace and recolor imported photos to produce stunning illustrations.
  • Use illustrations across various platforms including print, presentations, websites, blogs, and social media.
  1. Pro Power:
  • Benefit from fast, responsive performance and precision tools to focus on design rather than the process.
  • Reuse vector graphics across documents and seamlessly integrate with other Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and Premiere Pro.
  1. Freeform Gradients:
  • Easily create rich color blends for objects and artwork, achieving a more natural look and feel.
  1. Global Editing:
  • Save time by modifying repeating text or objects across multiple artboards simultaneously.
  1. Customizable Toolbar:
  • Personalize your workspace by adding or removing tools and grouping them according to your preferences.
  1. Presentation and Trim Preview:
  • Transform artboards into slides for easy projection and sharing, and preview documents with bleeds trimmed off.

Adobe Illustrator CC is available in multiple languages and is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later.