Name : Day To Night LUTs for FCP

Size : 7.03 MB

Day To Night LUTs for FCP for Mac free Download

The “Day-to-Night LUTs” offered by Motion Array are a collection of 16 cinematic lookup tables (LUTs) designed to replicate the appearance of a nighttime setting when shooting in daylight. These LUTs are intended for use in feature films, videos, and other cinematic projects, and are compatible with any resolution.

Here are some key features of the “Day-to-Night LUTs”:

  1. 16 Cinematic LUTs: The pack includes 16 LUTs specifically crafted to transform daytime footage into a nighttime look, adding depth and atmosphere to your videos.
  2. Replicate Nighttime Setting: These LUTs are designed to simulate the appearance of a nighttime scene, allowing filmmakers to achieve the desired mood and ambiance even when shooting during the day.
  3. Compatibility: The LUTs are compatible with any resolution, making them versatile and suitable for various projects and workflows.
  4. Professional Quality: Crafted by experienced filmmakers and colorists, these LUTs are of professional quality, ensuring high-quality results for your projects.
  5. Easy to Use: The LUTs can be easily applied to your footage using popular editing software such as Final Cut Pro, making it convenient for filmmakers to integrate them into their workflow.

Overall, the “Day-to-Night LUTs” provide filmmakers with a quick and effective way to achieve a nighttime look for their footage shot during the day. With their professional quality and ease of use, these LUTs are a valuable tool for enhancing the visual appeal of cinematic projects.