Name : A-Zippr: RAR & Zip Extractor Premium

Size : 26 MB

A-Zippr: RAR & Zip Extractor Premium for Mac free Download

A-Zippr is described as a simple, fast, and powerful utility for opening and compressing various archive formats on macOS. The application supports zip, RAR, and over 70 different file formats, including 7z, SIT, TAR, and more. It is designed to be customizable, allowing users to archive and unarchive files efficiently. Here are key features and information highlighted in the provided details:

  1. Archive and Unarchive:
  • A-Zippr enables users to zip and unzip files instantly.
  • Preview file details before extracting.
  • Provides the ability to protect files with strong 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Users can extract only the files they choose without having to extract the entire archive.
  • Notifications are provided once compression or extraction is completed.
  1. File Compression:
  • Drag and drop files to zip or unzip.
  • Resize file size for faster sharing and reduced storage.
  • Supports major file formats like Zip, RAR, TAR, LHA, 7Z, JAR, and 70+ more formats.
  • Automatically identifies whether to zip or unzip the file when dropped into the floating drop window.
  • Users can set the floating drop window to any corner of the screen.
  • Offers different compression methods such as fast, faster, normal, slow, and slowest.
  1. File Encryption:
  • Password-protect confidential files with powerful AES encryption.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to email attachments.
  • Encrypt individual files within a zipped folder.
  1. Preview Files:
  • Utilizes the Quick Look framework to preview files before unarchiving (without using temporary files).
  • Allows users to unarchive individual files from an archived folder.
  • Provides detailed file information before unarchiving.
  • Offers a native user experience for previewing files.
  1. Compatibility:
  • A-Zippr is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later.
  1. Version 1.8:
  • Users can now see top-level directories and drill down to subdirectories in the preview before unzipping.
  • Fixed password text field issues.
  • Addressed unzipping large files.
  • Added the option to ignore metadata files like .DS_Store.
  • Fixed crashes and improved performance.
  1. Homepage:
  • For more information and access to the application, users can visit the official homepage at

In summary, A-Zippr is positioned as a versatile utility for handling various archive formats on macOS, offering features such as file compression, encryption, and previewing capabilities. The application aims to provide a customizable and efficient experience for archiving and unarchiving files.