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Rhino 8 for Mac v8.8.24170.13002


Name : Rhino 8

Size : 718 MB

Rhino 8 for Mac free Download

Rhino: Versatile 3D Modeler

Rhino (Rhinoceros) is a powerful 3D modeling software that excels in creating, editing, analyzing, documenting, rendering, animating, and translating NURBS* curves, surfaces, and solids, as well as point clouds and polygon meshes. With virtually no limits on complexity, degree, or size, Rhino leverages the full potential of your hardware for any design task.

Special Features

  • Free-Form 3D Modeling Tools: Offers advanced 3D modeling tools comparable to those found in software costing significantly more. You can model any shape you can imagine.
  • Precision: Provides the accuracy required for designing, prototyping, engineering, analyzing, and manufacturing a wide range of items from airplanes to jewelry.
  • Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with various design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration software.
  • Mesh and IGES File Handling: Reads and repairs complex meshes and challenging IGES files with ease.
  • Accessibility: Designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, allowing users to focus on design and visualization rather than the software itself.
  • Performance: Optimized for speed, even on ordinary laptops without the need for special hardware.
  • Affordability: Priced competitively with no ongoing maintenance fees, making it an excellent choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Key Advantages

  • Extensive Toolset: Provides a comprehensive range of tools for free-form 3D modeling.
  • High Accuracy: Ideal for precise engineering and design tasks across various industries.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works well with other software tools, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • User-Friendly: Simple learning curve, ensuring quick adaptation and productivity.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable purchase price without hidden costs, making it accessible to a wider audience.


  • macOS Requirement: Compatible with macOS 12.4 or later.

For more information and to explore Rhino’s capabilities, visit the Rhino Homepage.

Rhino’s robust feature set and user-friendly interface make it an invaluable tool for professionals in design, engineering, and manufacturing, as well as for creative enthusiasts looking to bring their 3D ideas to life.

Rhino 8 for Mac Download v8.8.24163.12482


Name : Rhino 8

Size : 718 MB

Rhino 8 for Mac free Download

Rhino – Versatile 3D Modeler for Professionals

Rhino (Rhinoceros) is a powerful 3D modeling software that allows users to create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS* curves, surfaces, and solids, point clouds, and polygon meshes. Known for its flexibility and precision, Rhino is ideal for a wide range of applications from industrial design to architecture, and jewelry to automotive design.

Key Features

  • Unrestricted Free-Form 3D Modeling:
  • Offers advanced modeling tools typically found in much more expensive software.
  • Capable of modeling any shape imaginable, providing designers with ultimate creative freedom.
  • High Precision:
  • Provides the accuracy needed for designing, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing complex products, from airplanes to fine jewelry.
  • Compatibility:
  • Seamlessly integrates with various design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration software.
  • Efficiently reads and repairs meshes and complex IGES files.
  • User-Friendly:
  • Designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, enabling users to focus on design and visualization rather than the software itself.
  • Provides a short learning curve, making it accessible to new users.
  • Performance:
  • Runs smoothly even on standard laptop computers without the need for special hardware.
  • Delivers fast performance, ensuring an efficient workflow.
  • Affordability:
  • Offers a reasonable purchase price with no maintenance fees, making it a cost-effective choice for professionals.


  • Operating System: Requires macOS 12.4 or later

For more information and to download Rhino, visit the Rhino 3D homepage.

Rhino stands out as a versatile and robust 3D modeling tool suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals, providing the capabilities needed to bring the most complex and creative designs to life.

Affinity Designer for Mac Download 2.5.2


Name : Affinity Designer

Size : 767 MB

Affinity Designer for Mac free Download

Affinity Designer: Advanced Graphic Design Application for Mac

Affinity Designer is a powerful and professional-grade graphic design application tailored for Mac users. It is ideal for creating various graphic materials, including website graphics, interface designs, icons, and concept art.

Key Features

Customizable Workspace:

  • Versatile UI: Choose between a docked or floating interface that integrates seamlessly with macOS features like iCloud, Full Screen, and Spaces.
  • Tool Access: Instantly access a wide range of design tools such as node, pen, crop, pencil, vector brushes, gradient fill tool, text, and alignment guides from the main window.

Powerful Design Tools:

  • Pixel Control: Offers accurate pixel control with real-time pixel preview, allowing for pixel editing when vector results are not sufficient.
  • Raster Tools: Includes lasso tool, pixel and paint brush, eraser, blur, dodge, burn, smudge, selection brush, and sharpen tools.
  • Stylus Support: Utilize stylus pressure and velocity for smooth, editable strokes, enabling natural-looking artwork with the benefits of vector editing.

Advanced Vector and Pixel Integration:

  • Non-Destructive Editing: Paint inside vectors using pixel brush tools non-destructively, perfect for adding shadows, textures, and highlights with precision.
  • Customizable Shapes: Use a broad collection of shapes, smart-snapping indicators, and a full set of Boolean geometry operations for precise adjustments.

File Format Support:

  • Popular Formats: Supports most popular file formats, including AI, PSD, PDF, and SVG.
  • Color Spaces: Work in various color spaces like RGB, LAB, CMYK, or Greyscale.
  • Export Options: Export areas, layers, or objects independently in standard or retina versions.

What’s New in Version 2.5.2

  • Release notes were unavailable at the time of this listing update.


  • macOS Compatibility: Requires macOS 10.15 or later.

For more information and to download Affinity Designer, visit the official Affinity Designer homepage.

Autodesk Maya for Mac 2025.1


Name : Autodesk Maya

Size : 4 GB

Autodesk Maya for Mac free Download

Maya® by Autodesk is a leading 3D animation software offering an extensive suite of creative tools for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing. It serves as a highly extensible production platform, ideal for both individual artists and large studios handling complex data and projects.

Key Features

  • Advanced 3D Modeling:
  • Create intricate 3D models with precision and flexibility.
  • Includes tools for advanced surface modeling, NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-spline) modeling, and polygonal modeling.
  • Simulation of Natural Elements:
  • Simulate a variety of natural and environmental elements such as climate changes, water and liquids, fire, and vegetation.
  • Use Bifrost for sophisticated fluid simulations and BOSS for ocean wave simulations.
  • Enhanced Modeling Workflows:
  • Accelerated modeling workflows with intuitive tools.
  • Streamlined UV and texture tools for better handling of complex data.
  • Attribute Transfer:
  • Easily transfer properties from one object to another, facilitating workflow efficiency and consistency.
  • Character and Environment Design:
  • Tools for designing detailed characters, including clothes, hair, and various textures.
  • Create dynamic environments and scenarios with ease.
  • Interoperability:
  • Seamless coordination with other modeling and animation software.
  • Supports industry-standard formats for smooth integration into any production pipeline.
  • Scripting and Customization:
  • Utilize MEL (Maya Embedded Language), C++, and Python for scripting and developing custom tools.
  • Highly customizable interface to tailor the software to specific production needs.
  • Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Integration:
  • Combine 2D and 3D elements to create complex and dynamic scenes.

System Requirements

  • Operating System:
  • Apple® macOS® 13.x (Ventura), 12.x (Monterey), 11.x (Big Sur).
  • CPU:
  • 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set.
  • RAM:
  • Minimum: 8 GB (16 GB or more recommended).


For more information, updates, and a detailed overview of Maya’s capabilities, visit the Maya product page on Autodesk’s website.


Maya provides a robust platform for 3D artists and animators, combining cutting-edge display technology with advanced tools for modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing. Its extensive feature set supports a wide range of creative and technical needs, making it a preferred choice for professionals in film, game development, and other industries requiring high-quality 3D graphics and animations.

Rhino 8 for Mac Download v8.7.24138.15432


Name : Rhino 8

Size : 718 MB

Rhino 8 for Mac free Download

Rhino, or Rhinoceros, is a highly versatile 3D modeler designed to provide powerful tools for creating, editing, analyzing, documenting, rendering, animating, and translating NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids, as well as point clouds and polygon meshes. It stands out for its capability to handle complex and detailed 3D models efficiently, regardless of their size or complexity, within the constraints of your hardware.

Key Features of Rhino

  1. Free-Form 3D Modeling:
  • Advanced Tools: Offers free-form 3D modeling tools that are usually only found in significantly more expensive software, allowing for the creation of any shape imaginable.
  1. High Accuracy:
  • Precision Design: Provides the accuracy required for designing, prototyping, engineering, analyzing, and manufacturing a wide range of products, from large-scale items like airplanes to intricate jewelry.
  1. Compatibility:
  • Interoperability: Compatible with various other software used for design, drafting, CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing), engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration.
  1. Mesh and IGES File Handling:
  • Mesh Processing: Can read and repair meshes and handle extremely challenging IGES files, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of design tasks.
  1. User-Friendly:
  • Ease of Use: Designed to be easy to learn and use, allowing users to concentrate on their design and visualization tasks without being hindered by the software.
  1. Performance:
  • Efficiency: Runs efficiently even on standard laptop computers without the need for specialized hardware, ensuring fast performance and a short learning curve.
  1. Affordability:
  • Cost-Effective: Offers an affordable purchase price with no ongoing maintenance fees, making it accessible to a wide range of users.


  • OS Requirement: Compatible with macOS 12.4 or later.


  • Homepage: More details and download options are available on the official Rhino website.


Rhino is a robust and comprehensive 3D modeling software that provides a rich set of features for free-form modeling, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications, including industrial design, architecture, jewelry design, automotive design, and more. Its combination of advanced tools, high accuracy, wide compatibility, user-friendly interface, efficient performance, and affordability makes it a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike. Whether you’re designing complex engineering products or creating detailed artistic models, Rhino offers the functionality and flexibility you need to bring your ideas to life.

Download GraphicConverter for Mac 12.1.1


Name : GraphicConverter

Size : 261 MB

GraphicConverter for Mac free Download

GraphicConverter is an indispensable image-editing tool designed to handle a wide range of graphic formats. With support for over 200 different graphic-based formats, it empowers users to import, edit, and export images in any of 80 available file formats.

Key Features of GraphicConverter 11:

  1. RAW Developer:
    RAW images are easier to edit due to their extensive data depth. GraphicConverter provides a full-screen dialog for RAW files, offering controls for Exposure, Contrast, and Color Corrections. It also includes controllers for reducing picture noise.
  2. Unpack Archives:
    GraphicConverter allows users to easily view the content of archive files with a double-click. Supported formats include Zip, TAR, TGZ, and more.
  3. Wide Equalization:
    Correct distortions in wide-angle shots by reducing width distortion on the edges of the image.
  4. Gradients:
    Easily create color gradients with up to 10 colors using the new gradient dialog.
  5. Duo-Tone:
    Apply duo-tone effects to images by coloring lighter shades with one color and darker shades with another, resulting in captivating images.
  6. Apple Finder Tags Integration:
    Organize your work more efficiently by directly displaying and changing Finder Tags from within GraphicConverter’s browser using the context menu.

GraphicConverter is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later.

For more information, visit the official homepage of GraphicConverter at

Adobe InCopy 2024 for Mac v19.3.0


Name : Adobe InCopy 2024

Size : 898.1 MB

Adobe InCopy 2024 for Mac free Download

InCopy is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, is a powerful tool designed to streamline collaboration between copywriters, editors, and designers. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Endnote Support: Easily add endnotes to your documents for additional references or information.
  2. Paragraph Borders: Enhance the visual appeal of your text by adding borders around paragraphs.
  3. Find Similar Fonts: Quickly find fonts similar to the one you’re using, making it easier to maintain consistency in your designs.
  4. Advanced Font Filtering: Filter fonts based on various criteria to find the perfect typeface for your project.
  5. Footnotes that Span Columns: Span footnotes across multiple columns for improved readability and layout flexibility.
  6. OpenType Enhancements: Take advantage of advanced OpenType features to enhance typography in your documents.
  7. Modern User Interface: Enjoy a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and work efficiently.
  8. Glyph Management: Easily work with glyphs and special characters within your text.
  9. Image Placement in Tables: Insert images directly into tables for better integration of visuals and data.
  10. Text Shading Controls: Apply shading to text with precision, including controls for offsets and more.
  11. Table Border Tools: Use the Place Gun tool to quickly add borders to tables and customize their appearance.
  12. Find Previous Command: Easily navigate through your document by using the Find Previous command.
  13. Shortcuts and Preferences Memory: Customize shortcuts and preferences to suit your workflow, with the software remembering your settings.
  14. Color Swatch Management: Organize color swatches into folders for better management and accessibility.
  15. Drag-and-Drop Table Editing: Edit tables more efficiently by dragging and dropping cells, rows, and columns.
  16. HiDPI and Retina Display Support: Enjoy crisp and clear visuals on high-resolution displays.
  17. Adobe Typekit Integration: Access a vast library of fonts from Adobe Typekit and sync them seamlessly with your projects.
  18. Quick Font Searching: Find the right font quickly using the built-in font search functionality.
  19. Hyperlink Creation: Easily create hyperlinks within your documents for enhanced interactivity.
  20. Different Page Views: Switch between different page views while editing to focus on specific aspects of your layout.
  21. Enhanced Copyfitting: Optimize text flow and layout with improved copyfitting tools.
  22. Cloud Integration: Save your files to the cloud for easy access across multiple devices.
  23. Recently Used Fonts: Access recently used fonts quickly for added convenience.
  24. Middle Eastern Language Support: Work with Middle Eastern languages seamlessly, with support for features like right-to-left text direction.

InCopy provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to streamline the collaborative process and enhance productivity for copywriters, editors, and designers.

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later 64 bit

Language: Multilingual

To learn more and download InCopy, visit the Adobe website.

Luxion KeyShot Enteprise Mac 2023.3 v12.2.2.4


Name : Luxion KeyShot Enteprise

Size : 1.7 GB

Luxion KeyShot Enteprise 2023.3 for Mac free Download

KeyShot is a powerful 3D rendering and animation software designed to make the process of creating photorealistic visuals easy and efficient. Here’s what KeyShot helps you do:

  1. Focus on your design: KeyShot provides a simple, workflow-based interface that allows you to achieve photographic results in minutes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced 3D rendering professional, KeyShot’s intuitive interface makes it easy to bring your designs to life.
  2. Present your ideas sooner: With KeyShot’s wide 3D file format support, you can seamlessly move from concept to final product, speeding up the entire product development process. Visual speed and agility are key features of KeyShot, allowing you to present your ideas quickly and effectively.
  3. Make it more realistic: KeyShot’s materials go beyond physical appearance, providing scientifically accurate properties for the highest quality visuals. Whether you use preset materials, partner materials, or create your own, KeyShot ensures realism in your renderings.
  4. Access complete computing power: KeyShot gives you the flexibility to utilize either CPU or NVIDIA GPUs for rendering, allowing you to scale linearly for unmatched performance. This means you can harness the full power of your hardware to render your projects efficiently.
  5. Light it up right: KeyShot offers advanced lighting capabilities that create accurate lighting for any scenario, whether it’s simple studio shots or complex interior lighting. Achieve realistic lighting effects with ease using KeyShot.
  6. See your results instantly: KeyShot is built for real-time rendering, allowing you to see every change instantly as you work. From material and lighting adjustments to camera settings and animations, you’ll see your changes in real-time, making the rendering process fast and interactive.
  7. Leave them speechless: Whether you’re creating still images, animations, or interactive web and mobile content, KeyShot ensures that you’re using the best tool for all your visualization needs. With its ability to create high-quality visuals, KeyShot helps you leave a lasting impression on your audience.

In summary, KeyShot provides a comprehensive solution for 3D rendering and animation, making it easy to create stunning visuals that bring your designs to life. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and real-time rendering capabilities, KeyShot is a valuable tool for any designer or visual artist.

For system requirements and more information, visit the official KeyShot website: KeyShot Homepage

Keyshot Network Rendering 2023.3 Mac v12.2.2.4


Name : Keyshot Network Rendering 2023.3

Size : 1.5 GB

Keyshot Network Rendering 2023.3 for Mac free Download

KeyShot Network Rendering is a powerful solution for reducing rendering times by distributing rendering tasks across multiple computer systems connected in a network. Here are some key features and benefits of KeyShot Network Rendering:

  1. Efficient Rendering: By utilizing available hardware resources across multiple computers in your network, KeyShot Network Rendering significantly reduces rendering times, allowing you to get results faster.
  2. Convenient Workflow: You can continue working in KeyShot or any other application on your computer without slowing down your system while the rendering tasks are processed by designated rendering stations.
  3. Linear Scaling: For CPU rendering jobs, the correlation between render time and the number of cores in your network is approximately linear and inversely proportional. Doubling the number of cores can potentially cut your render time in half.
  4. GPU Rendering: With GPU rendering, render times can be even lower. Each GPU takes up 16 of the cores included in your license, and there is no need for a specific license to render on the GPU.
  5. Increased Output: KeyShot Network Rendering allows you to increase your rendering output without increasing your staff. Your machines can work 24 hours a day, maximizing efficiency and productivity.
  6. Simple Setup: Building your own network farm with KeyShot Network Rendering is straightforward. Adding more “cores” to your network increases rendering power, enabling animations and complex images to come to life faster.
  7. System Requirements: KeyShot Network Rendering is compatible with macOS 11.7 Big Sur or newer. It requires at least 2GB RAM, 2GB disk space, a dual-core CPU, an OpenGL 2.0 capable system, and an Intel or AMD 64-bit processor with SSE4.1 or higher.

Overall, KeyShot Network Rendering offers a seamless and efficient solution for accelerating rendering workflows and increasing productivity in rendering complex scenes and animations.

For more information and to download KeyShot Network Rendering, visit the official homepage: KeyShot Network Rendering Homepage

Download Cartographica for Mac 1.7.1


Name : Cartographica

Size : 811 MB

Download Cartographica for Mac free 1.7.1

Cartographica: Geographic Information System (GIS) Overview:

Cartographica is a Geographic Information System (GIS) designed for Mac users, allowing them to explore, refine data, create maps, and export information for the web. It offers versatile features for merging data from various sources, including government data, satellite imagery, topographical information, street data, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Merge Data from Multiple Sources:
  • Combine data from different sources, including government data in CSV format, satellite imagery, topographical information, and street data from sources like the US Census Bureau TIGER.
  1. Flexible File Import:
  • Supports a wide range of file formats for raster, vector, and tabular data.
  1. Rapid Filtering with Search Bar:
  • Quickly filter data using the search bar for efficient data exploration.
  1. Map Layout Capabilities:
  • Create visually appealing maps with sophisticated map layout capabilities for both printed and PDF maps.
  1. Flexible Styles:
  • Apply flexible styles to represent data in an easy-to-understand manner.
  1. Direct Editing:
  • Edit or add data directly, providing more control over your geospatial information.
  1. Pervasive Undo Support:
  • Offers extensive undo support, allowing users to experiment with operations safely.
  1. Synchronized Data/Map Browsing:
  • View data and maps simultaneously in a synchronized manner.
  1. Geocoding:
  • Convert addresses into map data through geocoding.
  1. Direct Database Access via ODBC:
    • Access databases directly using ODBC for enhanced data retrieval.
  2. Google Maps and Google Earth Export:
    • Export data seamlessly to Google Maps and Google Earth using Cartographica’s KML exporter.
  3. Adobe Illustrator Export:
    • Export maps, scales, legends, and imagery to Adobe Illustrator.
  4. WMS and WFS Support:
    • Support for Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS) for retrieving geospatial data from the internet.
  5. Intelligent Projection Management:
    • Automatically manages Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) for data, simplifying the projection process.
  6. GPS Import:
    • Import data from GPS devices.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.15 or later

Homepage: MacGIS

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