Name : RAW Power

Size : 62 MB

RAW Power for Mac free Download

RAW Power: Advanced Photo Editing and Management for Mac

RAW Power® combines the power of advanced RAW editing with seamless integration into Finder, Photos, and iCloud. It offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to both casual users and professional photographers. If you were a fan of Apple’s Aperture, you’ll find RAW Power’s advanced adjustments familiar and highly effective.

Key Features:

  1. Three-in-One Tool:
  • Image Editor App: Non-destructive editing without the need to import files. Quickly browse and edit any folder on your disk.
  • Photos Library App: Manage your Apple Photos library with full iCloud Photos compatibility.
  • Photos Editing Extension: Access RAW Power’s editing features directly within Apple Photos.
  1. Advanced RAW Processing:
  • Unlock Apple’s RAW engine with unique adjustments like Boost, Noise Reduction, Black Point, and Gamut Mapping.
  • Unparalleled highlight recovery and real-time control over your RAW images.
  1. Organize and Manage Photos:
  • Rate, flag, and filter photos by file type, rating, flag, and edit state, with changes synced over iCloud.
  • Create albums, delete images, and arrange photos within albums.
  • View detailed metadata and utilize map-based location data.
  1. Finder Support:
  • Standalone image editor that supports browsing and non-destructive editing directly from Finder.
  • Batch processing capabilities to apply presets, paste adjustments, and export images in bulk.
  1. Editing Tools and Adjustments:
  • LUTs: Built-in looks and film simulations with the ability to add custom LUTs.
  • Auto Enhancements: Auto Enhance, Auto White Balance, Auto Levels, and Auto Curves.
  • Detailed Adjustments: Highlights, Shadows, Vibrancy, Local Contrast, Lighten, and Darken sliders.
  • Curves and Levels: Linear and Lab modes with samplers for precise control.
  • Effects: Depth Effect, Chromatic Aberration, Perspective adjustments, Black & White, and Vignette.
  1. Real-Time Editing:
  • GPU-accelerated, real-time editing for high-precision, deep color imaging.
  • Non-destructive edits stored in sidecars for easy adjustments.
  • Customizable presets and camera-specific starting points.


  • macOS: Compatible with macOS 10.14 or later.
  • Cameras: Supports hundreds of cameras including iPhone RAW. (Note: Fuji Compressed RAW is not supported).

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For detailed information and to download RAW Power, visit the official RAW Power homepage.