Name : ProxyMan

Size : 33 MB

Proxyman for Mac free Download

Proxyman is a cutting-edge HTTP Debugging Proxy application designed to streamline web debugging tasks with its modern and intuitive interface. Say goodbye to cumbersome debugging tools and embrace the seamless experience offered by Proxyman’s native macOS app. With Proxyman, capturing, inspecting, and manipulating HTTP(s) traffic has never been easier.

Here are some of its basic features:

  • Inspect HTTP/HTTPS traffic in plain text, allowing you to delve into the details of network requests and responses.
  • SSL Proxying enables you to intercept and analyze encrypted HTTPS traffic, providing insight into secure communication channels.
  • Proxying on iOS Devices, iOS Simulator, and Android devices empowers you to debug network traffic across a variety of platforms.
  • Export Requests/Responses for further analysis or documentation purposes.
  • Content Filter allows you to focus on specific types of traffic, enhancing your debugging efficiency.
  • Body Syntax Highlighting improves readability by visually highlighting different parts of request and response bodies.
  • JSON/Tree View Format presents JSON data in a structured tree format for easy navigation and comprehension.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Layout customization options ensure that the interface adapts to your preferred workflow.
  • Finder Categorize organizes captured traffic for easier management and reference.
  • Multiple Tabs support enables you to work on multiple debugging sessions simultaneously.
  • Custom Previewer Tabs let you customize how request and response data is displayed, tailoring the debugging experience to your needs.
  • Custom Header Columns provide additional context by displaying custom headers alongside requests and responses.
  • Highlight with Color & Add Comment feature allows you to annotate traffic for easier identification and collaboration.
  • MessagePack Body Previewer supports the inspection of MessagePack-encoded data.
  • JSONPath Filter enables you to filter JSON data using JSONPath expressions.
  • Customize Toolbar lets you tailor the toolbar to include the tools and features you use most frequently.

With Proxyman, you can dive deep into HTTP(s) traffic analysis while enjoying a seamless and intuitive user experience. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, Proxyman empowers you to debug with confidence.

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