Name : MouseBoost Pro for Mac V- 3.2.0

Size : 13 MB

MouseBoost Pro for Mac V- 3.2.0

MouseBoost Pro is a macOS application designed to enhance productivity by offering a variety of tools and functions that can be quickly accessed and activated through the right-click context menu. Here are the main features and details about MouseBoost Pro:

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Menus: MouseBoost Pro provides menus with customizable sorting, allowing you to arrange functions and tools according to your preferences.
  2. File Creation: Quickly create various types of commonly used files. You can also customize the creation of different file types based on your needs.
  3. Open Applications: Easily launch applications such as the terminal, iTerm2, and specific directories. You can also configure the applications you want to open.
  4. Code Editors: Quickly open code editors like VSCode, Sublime Text, and Emacs. Customize the list of applications you want to open for efficient coding.
  5. Path Copying: Quickly copy the current file or directory path, which can be handy for various tasks, including scripting and file management.
  6. File Operations: Perform file operations such as deletion, moving, copying, and cutting directly from the right-click context menu.
  7. File Compression: Supports the encryption and compression of files for secure and efficient storage and sharing.
  8. Favorite Directories: Easily open your favorite directories with a single click.
  9. File Information: Quickly retrieve file information such as MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 hashes for verification and identification purposes.
  10. File Visibility: Customize the visibility of specified files, allowing you to hide or display them as needed.
  11. Folder Icon Modification: Modify folder icons for better organization and recognition.


MouseBoost Pro is compatible with macOS 10.11 or later and can run on both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.


For more information about MouseBoost Pro and to download the application, you can visit the official homepage on the Mac App Store via the provided link.

MouseBoost Pro appears to be a versatile tool for macOS users who want to streamline various file and system-related tasks through a right-click context menu. Its customization options, file management features, and quick access to applications and tools make it a potentially valuable addition for improving productivity and workflow efficiency on a Mac.