Name : SnapMotion

Size : 15 MB

Mac Software SnapMotion 5.2.0

SnapMotion is a macOS application designed for extracting high-quality images from videos. It offers precision in frame extraction and supports various modes for both manual and batch processing. Here are some of the key features and functionalities of SnapMotion:

  1. Manual Mode: SnapMotion allows users to precisely extract images from videos at selected timestamps. This mode is ideal for situations where specific frames need to be captured.
  2. Batch Processing: For more extensive image extraction needs, SnapMotion provides a batch processing mode that enables users to extract multiple images concurrently. This is especially useful for handling large video files and extracting many frames at once.
  3. High-Quality Extraction: The application is optimized to support large video files, including 4K movies, while ensuring there is no loss in image quality during extraction.
  4. Video Playback: SnapMotion can play videos natively supported by macOS, making it easy to navigate and select the frames you want to extract.
  5. Image Export Formats: Extracted images can be exported in industry-standard formats, including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and HEIC, giving users flexibility in choosing the output format.
  6. Social Sharing: SnapMotion provides the option to share extracted images directly on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Drag and Drop Export: Users can drag and drop extracted images to export them quickly to the desired location.
  8. Animated GIF Creation: The application includes a feature to create animated GIFs from the extracted frames, adding another dimension to your media projects.
  9. Video Rotation: SnapMotion allows users to rotate videos directly within the player, providing additional editing capabilities.
  10. Copy to Clipboard: Extracted images can be easily copied to the clipboard for quick use in other applications.
  11. Customizable Filenames: Users have the option to customize the filenames of the extracted images, providing organization and clarity.
  12. Support for Notifications and Touch Bar: SnapMotion integrates with macOS features such as notifications and the Touch Bar for enhanced user experience.
  13. Multi-Language Support: The application is available in seven languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese, making it accessible to a diverse user base.
  14. Feedback Mechanism: Users can provide feedback directly from the application to communicate suggestions and improvements to the developers.
  15. Compatibility: SnapMotion is optimized for macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later versions of the operating system.
  16. Homepage: For more information about SnapMotion and to download the application, you can visit its official homepage at SnapMotion on iTunes.

SnapMotion is a valuable tool for video professionals and enthusiasts who need to extract high-quality images from videos, whether for creative or analytical purposes. Its features make the process of extracting and managing images from videos more efficient and versatile.