Name : FontLab 8.2.1

Size : 109.6 MB

FontLab 8.2.1 for Mac OS Free Download

FontLab 8 for macOS is a professional font editor designed for type designers and font enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of features and tools for creating, modifying, and fine-tuning fonts for various applications, including desktop, web, and variable OpenType fonts. Here are some of the key features and highlights of FontLab 8:

Font Creation and Editing:

  • Create, open, and edit fonts for any Unicode writing system, including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Indic, Chinese, Japanese, emoji, symbols, and icons.
  • Modify and customize font designs, including glyphs, characters, and spacing.
  • Advanced drawing tools for precise control over font outlines.
  • Responsive contour operations to streamline the design process.

Font Properties and Formats:

  • Support for OpenType fonts, including variable fonts.
  • Export fonts in various formats suitable for desktop and web use.
  • Create and manage font families and styles.
  • Extensive character set support.

Color and Variability:

  • FontLab 8 supports color fonts, allowing you to create fonts with colorful and multilayered glyphs.
  • Variable fonts support, enabling you to create fonts with adaptable designs.

Kerning and Hinting:

  • Fine-tune kerning to ensure optimal spacing between characters.
  • Hinting support for improved font rendering at small sizes.


  • FontLab 8 is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later.

Please note that the specific features and capabilities may vary across different versions and updates of FontLab 8. For the most up-to-date information and detailed release notes, you can visit the official FontLab 8 homepage at FontLab. FontLab 8 is a valuable tool for professional type designers and font creators, offering a comprehensive set of features to bring their font designs to life and explore new possibilities in font creation, including color and variability.