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EditReady: Fast and Powerful Transcoding for Video Professionals

EditReady offers an intuitive and efficient transcoding solution for video professionals, making it easy to convert media without the complexities of outdated formats or overwhelming interfaces. It supports MOV, MP4, and MXF media, converting them swiftly into edit-ready QuickTime movies in ProRes or DNxHD.

Key Features

Beyond Transcoding

  • Professional Formats: Transcode to ProRes, DNxHD, and H.264.
  • LUT Application: Apply LUTs during conversion to set specific looks or convert Log footage into Linear.
  • Framerate Override: Change the framerate of your converted files for slow-motion effects with 60p or 120p footage.

Smart Metadata Editing

  • Rich Metadata Viewer and Editor: View and edit metadata, including GPS data, lens settings, and diagnostic data.
  • Add Location Data: Manually input location data if not stored by your camera.
  • Reel Name Setting: Assign reel names to your files.
  • Metadata-Based Filenames: Generate filenames for transcoded files using metadata.

Modern and Blazing Fast

  • Hardware Acceleration: Utilizes hardware-accelerated video decoding.
  • OpenCL Image Processing: Leverages OpenCL for efficient image processing.
  • Maximized CPU Usage: Takes advantage of all available CPU power for fast performance.
  • Future-Ready: Designed to accommodate new formats and workflows as they emerge.


  • macOS: 10.15 or later


For more information and to download EditReady, visit the EditReady Homepage.

EditReady combines ease of use with powerful transcoding capabilities, making it a valuable tool for video professionals seeking efficient and high-quality conversion solutions.