Name : Topaz Video AI

Size : 126 Mb

Download Topaz Video AI for Mac V- 4.0.3

“Video Enhance AI” is a software designed for time-aware video quality enhancement. Leveraging information from multiple frames, it offers features for video upscaling, denoising, deinterlacing, and restoration. It addresses challenges unique to videos, such as motion-related issues, flickering, blockiness, and wavy artifacts. The tool looks at surrounding frames to enhance resolution and minimize motion artifacts for more natural outcomes.

Key Features:

Upscaling: Enhance video resolution by gathering details from multiple frames, effectively upscaling from SD to HD, HD to 4K, or 8K while preserving natural video details.

Denoising: Remove noise and grain, while recovering actual details in videos to minimize flickering and temporal artifacts caused by traditional denoising methods.

Deinterlacing: Utilize deep learning to convert interlaced videos to progressive, maintaining image definition and significantly reducing visual artifacts.

Restoration: Naturally restore old videos without introducing visual artifacts, rejuvenating details and removing compression artifacts.

Frame Rate Conversion: The Chronos AI model increases video frame rate through deep learning without artifacts, offering a more natural and consistent outcome compared to traditional methods like frame blending or optical flow.

Smooth Slow Motion: Create smooth slow-motion effects without stuttering or motion artifacts, delivering more natural slow-motion results.

Fewer Motion Artifacts: Reduces shimmering or flickering effects often seen in other upscaling techniques through the use of information derived from multiple frames.

Enhanced Details: Injects real details into videos derived from additional information in adjacent frames, providing superior enhancement.

Natural Results: Minimizes artifacts often associated with traditional upscaling by considering information from multiple frames.

Trained on Videos: The software was trained exclusively on video clips rather than still images, resulting in improved enhancements.

Hardware Optimization: Works efficiently in coordination with different hardware, ensuring maximum performance on your machine.

Convenient Workflow: Supports easy conversion and combination of multiple videos from lower to higher resolutions, with export presets and batch processing capabilities.

Flexible Import/Export: Supports various video file types and image sequences as inputs and enables direct export to mp4, mov, or image sequences.

Batch Processing: Offers the option to queue up videos for enhancement, allowing for overnight processing and convenient workflow.

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later

Homepage: Video Enhance AI by Topaz Labs

Video Enhance AI provides an extensive set of tools and features for enhancing video quality, enabling users to achieve impressive results with ease.