Name : Sketch

Size : 71 MB

Download Sketch for Mac Free V- 99.1

Create beautiful designs with ease using Sketch, a graphic design tool tailored for the digital world. With its powerful tools and elegant interface, Sketch streamlines the design process and turns it into a joyous experience. Whether you’re designing icons, websites, interfaces, or any digital content, Sketch provides a versatile platform to bring your creative visions to life.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Fills, Borders, and Shadows:
  • Support for multiple fills, borders, and shadows per layer for intricate designs.
  1. Boolean Operations:
  • Powerful non-destructive boolean operations for combining shapes and creating complex designs.
  1. Vector Tools:
  • Foundation of vector tools and basic shapes for precision and flexibility.
  1. Smart Pixel Alignment:
  • Ensure accurate alignment with smart pixel alignment, making your design pixel-perfect.
  1. Advanced Layer Styles:
  • Apply advanced layer styles, including multiple shadows, fills, gradients, noise, blending, and background blurring.
  1. Image Editing:
  • Import, rotate, scale, crop, and mask images seamlessly within your design.
  1. Text Tool:
  • Best-in-class text tool with native font rendering for beautiful and accurate typography.
  1. Symbols:
  • Reusable content groups called Symbols for efficient design updates across multiple instances.
  1. Versions and Auto Save:
  • Take advantage of OS X’s Versions and Auto Save features, ensuring your work is protected.
  1. iCloud Support:
    • Keep your work in sync across multiple Mac computers with iCloud integration.
  2. Full Screen Mode:
    • Maximize your canvas with full-screen mode, providing an expansive workspace.
  3. Single-Window Interface:
    • All tools and features neatly organized in a single-window interface for an efficient workflow.


  • macOS 12.0 or later

Bring your creative ideas to fruition effortlessly with Sketch. Its intuitive interface and robust feature set make it a go-to tool for designers working in a digital environment. Learn more and explore updates on the official Sketch website.