Name : SecuritySpy

Size : 103 MB

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SecuritySpy: Your Complete Video Surveillance Solution

SecuritySpy is the ultimate software for setting up an efficient video surveillance (CCTV) system. Whether you need to install a basic home security setup or a comprehensive professional system, SecuritySpy offers a reliable and flexible solution tailored to your needs.

Key Features of SecuritySpy:

  1. Live Video Monitoring: View and capture live video feeds from multiple cameras simultaneously, providing real-time monitoring of your premises.
  2. Camera Compatibility: Works with a wide range of cameras, including traditional analog cameras and the latest high-definition network cameras, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup or preferred camera models.
  3. Motion Detection and Timelapse Capture: Detect motion and capture footage with audio, allowing you to keep track of any activity and review events as needed. Timelapse capture feature provides an overview of activity over time.
  4. Remote Viewing and Administration: Built-in web server allows for remote viewing and administration, giving you access to your surveillance system from anywhere with an internet connection.
  5. Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Support: Control PTZ cameras for greater flexibility in monitoring and surveillance, with support for many network camera models.
  6. Efficient Storage: Powerful real-time compression ensures efficient storage of captured footage, maximizing storage capacity without compromising video quality.
  7. Motion-Triggered Notifications: Receive email notifications when motion is detected, keeping you informed of any events even when you’re not actively monitoring the system.
  8. FTP Upload: Automatically upload captured footage to off-site storage via FTP, providing an additional layer of security and backup for your video footage.
  9. Pre-Capture Buffer: Capture video footage before the time of motion detection, ensuring that no critical events are missed.
  10. Browser Playback: Playback captured footage directly from your browser, with synchronized multi-camera playback for comprehensive review of events.

Compatibility: macOS (Mac OS X) 10.13 or later

With SecuritySpy, you can create a customized surveillance system tailored to your specific requirements, providing peace of mind and security for your home or business.