Name : Navicat for PostgreSQL

Size : 63.73 MB

Navicat for PostgreSQL for Mac free Download

Navicat for PostgreSQL :

Navicat for PostgreSQL is a powerful and user-friendly graphical interface designed for managing and developing PostgreSQL databases. As a feature-rich solution, it caters to both professional developers and new users, offering extensive functionality to facilitate tasks such as creating database models, importing/exporting data, backing up databases, transferring data, executing queries, and managing both local and remote PostgreSQL servers.

Key Features:

  1. Graphical Interface:
  • User-friendly graphical interface that simplifies database management and development tasks.
  • Suitable for both professional developers and users new to PostgreSQL.
  1. Database Modeling:
  • Advanced tools for creating and managing database models, allowing users to design and visualize their database structures.
  1. Data Import/Export:
  • Efficiently import and export data between different databases, providing flexibility in managing data across platforms.
  1. Backup and Transfer:
  • Robust backup and transfer capabilities for safeguarding data and transferring databases between servers.
  1. Query Execution:
  • Create, execute, and optimize queries with ease, enabling users to interact with their PostgreSQL databases effectively.
  1. User and Privilege Management:
  • Full-featured graphical manager for setting user accounts and access privileges, enhancing security and control over database access.


  • Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later


For more detailed information about Navicat for PostgreSQL and its features, users can visit the official homepage.

Navicat for PostgreSQL stands out as a comprehensive PostgreSQL management and development tool with its blend of powerful features and user-friendly design. Whether for database modeling, data manipulation, or user privilege management, this graphical interface provides the necessary tools for users of varying levels of expertise in PostgreSQL.