Name : Logic Pro X

Size : 1.13 GB

Download Logic Pro X Mac V-10.8.0

Logic Pro is a comprehensive collection of advanced tools tailored for professional music production, enabling songwriting, editing, mixing, and more. The software integrates a modern and efficient interface for streamlined results and enhanced capabilities when required. Here are some key features and improvements offered by Logic Pro:

Professional Music Production:

  • Spatial Audio Tools: Offers complete spatial audio authoring tools for Dolby Atmos mixing and export.
  • Live Loops: Enables quick arrangement building by combining loops, samples, and recordings.
  • MIDI and Audio Editing: Provides a comprehensive set of editors and tools for recording and editing.
  • Take Folders and Track Alternatives: Organize takes and quickly create comps.
  • Flex Pitch and Flex Time: Perfect pitch and timing adjustments for vocals and recordings.
  • Smart Tempo: Automatically adjusts imported audio to conform to the project’s BPM.
  • Logic Remote: Perform and mix using an iPad or iPhone with Logic Remote.
  • Score Editor: Create lead sheets or orchestral scores with the built-in editor.

Drum Production and Beat Making:

  • Drum Machine Designer and Drummer: Create custom kits and build drum tracks.
  • Step Sequencer: Program beats, bass lines, and melodic parts.

Sampling and Synthesis:

  • Sampler and Alchemy: Create multi-sampled instruments and perform sample manipulation.
  • Collection of Synths: Offers a range of synthesis methods for creating unique sounds.
  • Arpeggiator: Transform simple chords into rich performances.

Guitar and Bass Gear:

  • Amp Designer and Pedalboard: Customize guitar and bass rigs with vintage and modern effects.

Creative and Production Effects:

  • Collection of Delays, EQs, and Compressors: Access a variety of vintage and modern effects for mixing.
  • Modulation and Reverb Effects: Add movement and realistic acoustic spaces to tracks.

Sound Library:

  • Over 5,900 instrument and effect patches.
  • 1,200 sampled instruments and 14,750 Apple Loops in various genres.

What’s New in Version 10.8:

  • Mastering Assistant: Deliver release-ready mixes with intuitive sound-shaping tools.
  • Sample Alchemy: Transform audio samples into playable sound performances.
  • Beat Breaker: Sophisticated time and pitch morphing plug-in for reshaping audio.
  • Slip and Rotate Tools: Allow independent movement of contents within a region.
  • 32-bit Float Recording: Available with supported audio devices.
  • Hybrid Textures Sample Pack: Free collection of patches and loops for Sample Alchemy.

Compatibility: macOS 13.5 or later

To explore Logic Pro further or access the software, visit the homepage.