Name : FotoMagico

Size : 75 MB

FotoMagico for Mac free Download

FotoMagico: Create Stunning Slideshows with Ease
FotoMagico is a powerful yet easy-to-use application for creating beautiful slideshows on your Mac. Whether you’re telling a personal story, showcasing your photography, or presenting professional work, FotoMagico provides all the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

Key Features:

  1. Live Presentations:
  • Impress your audience with captivating live presentations that combine photos, videos, music, and text in a seamless, dynamic showcase.
  1. Wedding Photography Enhancement:
  • Elevate your wedding photography projects by crafting stunning slideshows that delight newlyweds and guests alike with memorable moments.
  1. Travel Adventures Retelling:
  • Relive and share your travel adventures in a compelling narrative, turning your photos and videos into immersive stories that transport viewers to distant lands.
  1. Time-Saving Animation Tools:
  • FotoMagico offers an Animation Assistant and pre-built story parts called Snippets, making it quick and easy to create complex slideshows with professional-looking animations.
  1. Music Integration:
  • Access a library of CC-licensed music Snippets to enhance your slideshows with the perfect soundtrack, while keeping copyright concerns at bay.
  1. Text Editing Enhancements:
  • Enjoy improved text editing and placeholders for seamless integration of titles, credits, metadata, and more, enhancing the storytelling aspect of your slideshows.
  1. Advanced Audio Controls:
  • FotoMagico Pro features audio volume envelopes and fades, allowing precise control over music and narration levels to create a more immersive audio experience.
  1. Dark User Interface:
  • A completely redesigned dark user interface provides a modern and sleek environment for crafting your slideshows with ease.

FotoMagico Pro Exclusive Features:

  1. Timeline View:
  • Gain a more intuitive understanding of your slideshow’s timing with the Timeline View, offering enhanced control over the sequence and duration of your content.
  1. Extra Audio Track and Recording Mode:
  • Record narration directly within FotoMagico and add an additional audio track to further enrich your presentations.
  1. Direct Access to Photo Libraries:
  • Seamlessly integrate your Aperture and Lightroom photo libraries into FotoMagico for convenient access to your media assets.
  1. Teleprompter View:
  • Facilitate live presentations with the Teleprompter View, providing support and guidance for delivering your slideshow with confidence.
  1. Advanced Export Options:
  • FotoMagico Pro offers additional export options, including Standalone Player, ProRes video files, and custom video formats, for maximum flexibility in sharing your creations.


  • FotoMagico is compatible with macOS 10.14 or later, ensuring broad accessibility across Mac devices.


  • Visit the FotoMagico website for more information and to explore the features and capabilities of this versatile slideshow creation tool.