Name : AnyGo

Size : 78 MB

AnyGo For Mac V-6.3.2

AnyGo is a tool designed for iOS devices that allows you to easily simulate GPS locations on your iPhone or iPad. This can be useful for various purposes, including gaming, accessing location-based content, and testing location-based services. Here are some of the key features of AnyGo:

  1. Spoofing Location in LBS Games: AnyGo enables you to spoof your GPS location in location-based service (LBS) games without physically moving or walking. This can help you explore virtual environments without leaving your actual location.
  2. Access Restricted Content: You can use AnyGo to access videos, music, movies, and services that may be restricted based on your physical location. This can be helpful when content is region-locked.
  3. Share Virtual Locations: AnyGo allows you to share a virtual location on social media platforms to prank or trick your friends, making it appear as if you are in a different place.
  4. Testing LBS and Games: AnyGo is a valuable tool for developers and testers who need to simulate different GPS locations for testing location-based services and games.
  5. Hide Your Location: You can use AnyGo to hide your actual location from apps and services that track your GPS coordinates.
  6. Set Real Location: In cases where your GPS is unable to accurately determine your real location, AnyGo allows you to manually set your true coordinates.


  • macOS 10.10 or later

Please note that while tools like AnyGo can have legitimate uses, they can also potentially be used for deceptive or malicious purposes. Always use such tools responsibly and in compliance with local laws and terms of service for the apps and services you interact with.

For more information and to download AnyGo, you can visit the official website: