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KeyKey for Mac free Download 2.9.13


Name : KeyKey

Size : 62 MB

KeyKey for Mac free Download

KeyKey: The Manageable Typing Tutor for macOS

KeyKey is a user-friendly typing tutor designed to enhance your typing skills through a minimalist and responsive learning experience. By dedicating just 15 minutes each day, you can significantly boost your words per minute (WPM) without the need for traditional lessons or tests.

Key Features

Responsive Learning

  • Customizes lessons based on your typing level.
  • Adapts practice wordlists to focus on problematic letter combinations.
  • Presents lessons as a continuous line of words, adjusting difficulty based on your performance.
  • Tracks errors, completed words, and elapsed time to provide feedback.

Keyboard Trainer

  • Includes a built-in virtual keyboard to teach proper finger placement.
  • Models hand placement in real time and indicates optimal finger use for each letter.
  • Helps you develop efficient hand motions for faster typing.

Real World, Real Words

  • Generates practice words from a database of over 3,000 books and articles.
  • Provides wordlists ranked from common to uncommon for practical typing practice.
  • Supports both English and Cyrillic practice, helping you improve typing in multiple languages.

Expert Mode

  • Designed to push your typing speeds beyond 60 words per minute.
  • Offers more complicated and challenging words and phrases for advanced practice.

Precision Over Speed

  • Encourages accurate typing by reducing reliance on the backspace key.
  • Focuses on developing both speed and precision in your typing.


  • macOS: 10.11 or later

Mac App Store

For more information and to download KeyKey, visit the Mac App Store.

KeyKey provides a structured yet flexible approach to improving your typing skills, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced typists looking to refine their abilities.

OmniFocus Pro for Mac Download 3.15.7


Name : OmniFocus Pro

Size : 64 MB

OmniFocus Pro for Mac free Download

OmniFocus: Organize and Accomplish More Every Day

OmniFocus is a powerful and flexible to-do list app that helps you manage tasks, projects, and daily activities efficiently. Celebrating a decade as a trusted productivity tool, OmniFocus offers a range of features designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

Key Features

Standard Features:

  • Tags: Create tags for organizing tasks by people, energy levels, priorities, locations, etc.
  • Forecast View: See tasks and calendar events together to plan your day effectively.
  • Repeating Tasks: Easily set up tasks that repeat based on real-world scenarios.
  • Modern Design: A fresh and familiar interface that enhances focus on content.
  • Inbox: Quickly add tasks and organize them later.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Ensures data safety during syncing.
  • Notes and Attachments: Add detailed information and media to tasks.
  • View Options: Customize perspectives by filtering tasks based on your preferences.
  • Review Perspective: Regularly review projects and tasks to stay on track.
  • OmniFocus Mail Drop: Add tasks via email and integrate with services like IFTTT and Zapier.
  • Today Widget: View important tasks without opening the app.

Pro Features:

  • Custom Perspectives: Create personalized views by filtering and grouping projects and tags.
  • Forecast Customization: Include specific tags in today’s forecast and reorder tasks.
  • Customizable Sidebar: Organize perspectives for quick access.
  • Today Widget Customization: Choose which perspective to display in Notification Center.
  • AppleScript Support: Automate tasks using Apple’s Mac scripting language.

System Requirements

  • Compatibility: macOS 13 or later
  • Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish


  • Homepage: OmniFocus Official Website
  • In-App Purchases: Standard and Pro versions with discounts for previous Mac App Store purchasers.

OmniFocus is designed to help you stay organized and productive, offering a wide array of features that cater to both simple and complex task management needs.

KeyKey for Mac free Download 2.9.12


Name : KeyKey

Size : 49 MB

KeyKey for Mac free Download

KeyKey Typing Tutor: Improve Your Typing Skills

KeyKey is a minimalist and effective typing tutor designed to enhance your typing speed and accuracy through consistent daily practice. The app is tailored to learn from your typing patterns and adapt its exercises to help you improve efficiently.

Key Features

  1. Responsive Learning:
  • KeyKey adapts to your typing skill level, presenting words that adjust in difficulty based on your performance.
  • Tracks your errors and provides targeted practice on challenging letter combinations.
  1. Keyboard Trainer:
  • Includes a built-in virtual keyboard that shows proper finger placement in real-time.
  • Helps you develop correct hand positioning for optimal typing efficiency.
  1. Real World, Real Words:
  • Utilizes wordlists generated from over 3,000 books and articles in both English and Cyrillic.
  • Offers practice with phrases commonly used in real-life situations, enhancing practical typing skills.
  1. Expert Mode:
  • Designed to push your typing speed beyond 60 words per minute.
  • Provides more complex and challenging words and phrases for advanced practice.
  1. Accuracy Focus:
  • Emphasizes precise typing over speed to reduce errors.
  • Aims to improve your confidence and accuracy, making your typing more reliable.


  • Simple and Effective: No complicated lessons or minigames, just straightforward typing practice.
  • Progress Tracking: View your errors, completed words, and time elapsed during practice sessions.
  • Daily Commitment: Just 15 minutes of practice each day can significantly improve your typing speed and accuracy.
  • Language Support: Improves typing skills in both English and Cyrillic, suitable for native speakers and those learning a new language.


  • Operating System: macOS 10.11 or later


KeyKey Typing Tutor offers a streamlined and adaptive approach to improving your typing skills, suitable for both beginners and advanced users aiming to boost their typing speed and accuracy.

OmniReader Pro for Mac 2.9.11


Name : OmniReader Pro

Size : 31 MB

OmniReader Pro for Mac free Download

GM Reader – Versatile eBook Reader for macOS

GM Reader is a comprehensive and user-friendly application designed for reading a variety of eBook formats, including EPUB, CHM, and MOBI. With its intuitive interface and robust set of features, GM Reader enhances your reading experience on macOS.

Key Features

  1. Supported Formats:
  • Read EPUB, CHM, and Kindle files (MOBI).
  1. Search Functionality:
  • Single page and full-text search capabilities.
  • Highlights search results for easy navigation.
  1. Navigation:
  • Forward and backward browsing history to easily revisit previous pages.
  • Page turning and zooming features for customized reading.
  • Sidebar shrinking to maximize reading space.
  1. Printing and Exporting:
  • Print pages directly from the app.
  • Export files to EPUB or PDF formats.
  • Extract and save all images contained in the eBook.
  1. File Information:
  • View basic file information such as title, author, and other metadata.
  1. Image Handling:
  • Adaptive image sizing to fit the page layout automatically.
  • Resolve issues with garbled text through file encoding support.
  1. Bookshelf Management:
  • Keep all your read files organized in a bookshelf for easy access.
  • Drag and drop files to add them to the bookshelf quickly.
  1. Pro Version Features:
  • The Pro version, included with top in-app purchases, offers advanced functionalities and an ad-free experience.

System Requirements

  • Compatibility: Requires macOS 10.13 or later.

Get GM Reader

GM Reader provides a seamless and efficient way to read and manage your eBooks, making it a must-have tool for avid readers who use macOS.

Timeline 3D for Mac Download 5.4.0


Name : Timeline 3D

Size : 17 MB

Timeline 3D for Mac free Download

Timeline 3D: Multimedia Timeline Creation for macOS

Timeline 3D is an intuitive and powerful application designed for creating stunning multimedia timelines. Whether you need to present historical events, business deadlines, family trees, or fictional stories, Timeline 3D offers a new perspective on understanding and presenting history.

Key Features:

Core Features:

  • 3D Presentation: Present timelines full screen with 3D perspective, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Multimedia Integration: Add images, movies, or PDFs to events for richer content.
  • Flexible Date Entry: Quickly enter events with dates and times in any global format.
  • Additional Information: Include optional notes, web links, and tags to events.
  • Customizable Themes: Choose from various background themes to suit your presentation style.
  • Import Capabilities: Import timelines from previous versions of Timeline 3D and Easy Timeline.
  • Designed for macOS: Optimized for macOS Yosemite and later.

Advanced Features (In-App Purchases):

  • Printing: Print timelines on a single page, formatted for your paper size.
  • PDF Export: Export timelines as PDFs to share with others.
  • Movie Export: Export animated timeline movies at resolutions up to 4K.
  • Slide Export: Export slideshows to PowerPoint and Keynote for professional presentations.
  • Web Export: Export a WebGL website to add interactive 3D timelines to your website.
  • Comprehensive Package: Purchase advanced features individually or as a complete package.

Tips & Tricks:

  • AirPlay Mirroring: Enable AirPlay Mirroring to view events on your device while presenting.
  • Voice Dictation: Use voice dictation to enter text and dates on capable devices.
  • Navigation: Use arrow keys to navigate through events in a 3D presentation.
  • Zoom Media: Press the spacebar to zoom in on media files during a presentation.
  • Date Formatting: Entering the date sets the date format automatically (e.g., January 20, 2015, or 1/20/2015).
  • Cloud Sharing: Use iCloud or Dropbox to share timelines and media files between devices and your Mac.


  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.15 or later.
  • Processor: Compatible with Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.
  • Homepage: For more information, visit Timeline 3D.

Timeline 3D simplifies the creation of detailed and visually engaging timelines, making it an excellent tool for educators, historians, business professionals, and anyone looking to present chronological information in a compelling way.

Iris for Mac free Download 1.7.1


Name : Iris

Size : 11 MB

Iris for Mac free Download

Iris: High-Performance Screen Recorder for Mac

Iris is a robust screen recording application designed for macOS, offering high-quality video recording with efficient performance. Ideal for creating tutorials, presentations, and any screen-based content, Iris provides a range of features to ensure professional results.

Key Features:

  1. High-Performance Recording:
  • Direct Recording: Capture video directly to h.264 for efficient and high-quality compression.
  • Apple ProRes: Optionally record in Apple ProRes for higher quality and better editing flexibility.
  • Post-Recording Encoding: Record now and encode later if needed.
  1. GPU Acceleration:
  • Leverages on-board GPU acceleration for smoother performance and faster processing.
  1. Audio and Video Integration:
  • Multiple Audio Sources: Record audio from up to two microphones.
  • Specific App Audio: Target and record audio from a specific application on your Mac.
  • Camera Integration: Optionally include video from your camera for picture-in-picture recordings.
  1. Color Matching:
  • Ensures great color accuracy to match the original screen colors closely.
  1. Retina Quality Recording:
  • Supports recording in Retina quality on compatible Macs for crisp and clear visuals.
  1. User-Friendly Features:
  • Timers: Start and stop timers for automated recording sessions.
  • Hotkey Support: Full support for hotkeys to control recording without interrupting your workflow.
  • Advanced Naming and Tagging: Automatically name and tag recordings for easy organization and retrieval.
  1. Trial and Purchase Options:
  • Free Trial: Try Iris for free with a watermark embedded in recordings.
  • In-App Purchase: Remove the watermark from new recordings with a one-time purchase.


  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.14.4 or later.

Explore More:

For more information and to download Iris, visit the official Iris homepage.

Iris is an excellent tool for anyone needing a reliable and high-quality screen recording solution on macOS, providing professional features and ease of use for all users.

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac 4.9.1


Name : Live Home 3D Pro

Size : 593 MB

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac Free Download

Live Home 3D Pro is an advanced home design application that caters to both homeowners and professional designers. It is the successor to Live Interior 3D and offers a robust set of features for creating detailed home designs, rendering real-time 3D visualizations, and exporting high-quality images and videos.

Key Features

  1. General Features:
  • Create detailed 2D floor plans.
  • Real-time 3D rendering with beautiful visuals.
  • Support for unlimited floor levels (Pro edition only).
  • Includes in-depth video tutorials and a built-in Help Assistant.
  • Native support for Live Interior 3D projects.
  • Project Gallery with various house projects and sample rooms.
  1. Floor Plan Tools:
  • Draw complete rooms using the Room tool.
  • Use Arc and Straight Wall tools for wall drawing.
  • Elevation view for detailed interior planning (Pro edition only).
  • Auto outline vector-based 2D representation for furniture.
  • Real-time measurements for walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Smart Dimension tool for precise distance settings.
  • Smart guides and object snapping for accurate positioning.
  1. Real-Time 3D Environment:
  • Adjust lighting, move objects, and apply materials in 3D.
  • Real-time rendering of changes made in 3D or 2D.
  • Walkthrough your 3D interior.
  • FOV and parallel camera projection (Pro edition only).
  • Multiple camera setups for various viewpoints.
  • True Geo position, daytime, and overcast settings for natural lighting.
  • Light editor to add light sources to imported objects (Pro edition only).
  • Create corner windows and complex openings.
  • Professional Shadow Map technique for realistic shadows.
  1. 3D Models and Materials:
  • Access to 2,000+ furniture and other models.
  • Import models from Trimble 3D Warehouse™.
  • Edit furniture in SketchUp (Pro edition only).
  • Use 2,100+ supplied materials or create custom materials.
  • Advanced material editor for precise material settings (Pro edition only).
  • Import objects in various formats including SketchUp, COLLADA, KMZ, FBX, OBJ, or 3DS.
  • Polygonal-based Block tool for custom structures (Pro edition only).
  1. Roofs and Dormers:
  • Roof Assistant with 12 customizable roof templates.
  • Custom shaped roofs (Pro edition only).
  • Add custom segments for full roof customization.
  • 16 customizable dormers.
  1. Export and Sharing:
  • Share designs on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, or YouTube.
  • Export 3D views to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP (up to 16000 x 16000 resolution).
  • Share 360° Panorama JPEG images to Facebook.
  • Render realistic video walkthroughs (up to Ultra HD).
  • Create Stereo 3D Video, 360° Video, and Stereo 3D 360° Video.
  • Send project copies via Mail, Messages, or AirDrop.
  • Export projects to various formats including COLLADA, SketchUp, VRML, X3D, 3DS, FBX, USDZ, and OBJ (Pro edition only).

System Requirements

  • Operating System: macOS 10.14 or later


For more information, visit the Live Home 3D homepage.


Live Home 3D Pro stands out as a powerful and intuitive home design software, ideal for both novice and professional users. With its comprehensive toolset, real-time 3D rendering, and extensive export options, it offers a complete solution for home design projects. Whether you are designing a simple room or an entire multi-level home, Live Home 3D Pro provides the necessary features and flexibility to bring your vision to life.

MWeb Pro for Mac 4.6.2


Name : MWeb Pro

Size : 36 MB

MWeb Pro for Mac free Download

Perfectly Clear Workbench by Athentech is a powerful application designed to showcase and utilize the capabilities of the Perfectly Clear image correction libraries. This tool is ideal for users who want to perform precise image corrections and export these settings for integration into other software via the Perfectly Clear SDK.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Interface:
  • The new interface in Perfectly Clear Workbench 4 is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, allowing quick access to all tools and features.
  • Advanced Image Correction Tools:
  • Preprocessing Section: Includes “Input Looks” and “Image Ambulance” for manual exposure corrections.
  • Face Aware Exposure: Provides more accurate auto-exposure corrections, especially useful for portraits and group photos.
  • Black Point Tool: Enhances the depth of blacks in your images.
  • Color Vibrancy Tool: Complements the existing Color Restoration tool for richer color adjustments.
  • Sky and Foliage Enhancements: Specialized tools to enhance skies and foliage in your images.
  • Improved Existing Tools:
  • Light Diffusion and Vibrancy: Now feature strength sliders for better control.
  • Enhanced Color Pickers: Improved tools for Skin Tone and Blush adjustments.
  • Manual Face Detection and Adjustment:
  • Manually identify faces that are not automatically detected.
  • One-click zoom to individual faces.
  • Modify facial regions to ensure the best possible corrections.
  • Additional Features:
  • Histogram: Provides a visual representation of the tonal distribution in your image.
  • Improved Preset Management: Easier to manage and apply presets for consistent corrections across multiple images.
  • Export to API: Quickly export your custom correction settings to a text file, making it easy to integrate these settings into your source code with the Perfectly Clear SDK.

Supported Image Formats

  • RGB-formatted images: Compatible with 8 or 16-bit color depth.
  • Photoshop and Lightroom Files: Any image file that can be opened and converted by Photoshop or Lightroom can be used.
  • RAW Files: Must be opened through Adobe Camera RAW and loaded into Photoshop before using Perfectly Clear.
  • Monochrome and CMYK Images: Must be converted to RGB before use.

System Requirements

  • Operating System:
  • Compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

What’s New in Version 4.6.2

  • The latest version includes various enhancements and bug fixes. Specific release notes were not available at the time of this update.


For more information, features, and download options, visit the Perfectly Clear Workbench homepage.


Perfectly Clear Workbench is a comprehensive tool for advanced image correction, offering both manual and automated features to enhance photo quality. Its integration capabilities with the Perfectly Clear SDK make it a valuable asset for developers looking to incorporate sophisticated image correction into their applications. Whether for professional photo editing or integrating into larger workflows, Perfectly Clear Workbench provides the tools needed for precise and high-quality results.

TechSmith Snagit for Mac 2024.2.5


Name : TechSmith Snagit

Size : 265 MB

TechSmith Snagit for Mac free Download

Snagit by TechSmith is a versatile and powerful screen capturing tool designed to offer more advanced functionality than the basic capabilities of macOS. It provides a wide array of screenshot and video recording options, coupled with an integrated editor for personalizing your captures without needing third-party applications.

Key Features

  • Diverse Capture Types:
  • Capture screenshots, including full-screen, window, or region-specific captures.
  • Record video content from your screen, including webcam input.
  • Capture entire webpages, menus, or set a delay to capture timed screenshots.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
  • Snagit operates from a status bar menu application with an autohiding capture window at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Customizable hotkeys allow for quick access to different capture types.
  • The interface is designed to be unobtrusive and integrates smoothly into your workflow.
  • Integrated Editing Tools:
  • The built-in image editor includes tools for highlighting areas, adding text, erasing elements, applying color filters, and edge effects.
  • Video editing capabilities are focused on simple tasks like previewing and trimming recordings.
  • These tools enable you to enhance and personalize your captures directly within Snagit.
  • Efficient Sharing Options:
  • Snagit supports connecting to various online accounts (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) for quick uploads and sharing.
  • Streamlined sharing options make it easy to distribute your captures without leaving the application.

Usage Scenarios

  • Educational and Training Material:
  • Create detailed tutorials and presentations by capturing and annotating screenshots or recording video walkthroughs.
  • Highlight key information and steps to enhance understanding.
  • Professional Communication:
  • Capture and share visual information in reports, documentation, or presentations.
  • Use screenshots and videos to communicate complex ideas more effectively.
  • Personal Projects:
  • Easily capture and share moments from your screen activities, whether for personal records or sharing with friends.

System Requirements

  • Operating System:
  • Compatible with macOS 12.0 (Monterey) or later.


For more information, features, and download options, visit the Snagit product page on TechSmith’s website.


Snagit is a comprehensive screen capturing solution that enhances productivity with its advanced features and intuitive interface. It is particularly useful for creating educational content, professional documentation, and detailed visual communications. By integrating powerful editing and sharing capabilities, Snagit ensures that users can quickly and efficiently manage their screen captures and recordings.

Dropzone 4 Pro for Mac 4.80.12


Name : Dropzone 4 Pro

Size : 62 MB

Dropzone 4 Pro for Mac free Download

Dropzone is a highly versatile macOS application that enhances file management and workflow efficiency. It allows users to copy and move files, open applications, and share files across various services quickly and effortlessly. Here’s an in-depth look at its features and capabilities:

Key Features of Dropzone

  1. File Management:
  • Faster File Operations: Copy and move files swiftly.
  • Drop Bar: Temporarily stash files for easy access later by dropping them on the Drop Bar icon in the grid.
  1. Application and URL Management:
  • Open Applications: Launch applications directly from the Dropzone grid.
  • URL Shortening: Quickly shorten URLs using Tinyurl. Just select a URL and press Ctrl+Option+Cmd+S to copy the shortened URL to the clipboard.
  1. Integration with Services:
  • AirDrop: Easily share files or folders with other Macs over the network.
  • Imgur: Quickly upload images and get a shareable link.
  • Amazon S3: Upload files to Amazon S3 (Pro feature).
  • FTP Servers: Upload files to your FTP server (Pro feature).
  • Google Drive: Upload files to Google Drive (Pro feature).
  • Add-On Actions: Download and install additional actions for services like YouTube and others (Pro feature).
  1. Multitasking and Progress Tracking:
  • Powerful Multitasking: Run multiple tasks simultaneously and track their progress within the in-grid task status area.
  • Animated Menu Item: Quickly see how tasks are progressing.
  1. Customization and Extendability:
  • Grid Customization: Easily add applications, folders, or actions to the grid by dragging and dropping them onto the “Add to Grid” area.
  • Scripting API: Extend functionality with custom actions using Ruby or Python (Pro feature).
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Launch Dropzone actions using newly added keyboard shortcuts (Pro feature).

In-App Purchases

  • Dropzone 4 Pro: Unlocks advanced features such as uploading to Amazon S3, FTP servers, Google Drive, additional action downloads, and the ability to create custom actions using the scripting API.


  • macOS Requirement: Compatible with macOS 10.15 or later versions.


  • Mac App Store: Dropzone can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.


Dropzone is a unique and powerful application that integrates seamlessly with macOS, enhancing productivity by streamlining file management and sharing processes. Its extendability through a scripting API and the wide range of supported services make it a valuable tool for both casual users and professionals.

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