Name : TominLab WonderPen

Size : 152 MB

TominLab WonderPen for Mac Free Download

WonderPen is a versatile writing application designed to meet the needs of writers, students, and enthusiasts alike. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Tree View: Organize your writing projects efficiently with a tree view interface. Drag and drop to reorder documents as needed for seamless navigation and organization.
  2. Markdown Support: WonderPen features an intuitive text editor with full Markdown support, allowing you to format your documents with ease and precision.
  3. Full-Screen Mode: Enter full-screen mode to eliminate distractions and focus solely on your writing. This immersive writing environment enhances productivity and concentration.
  4. Export Options: Export your documents in various formats, including Image, PDF, and HTML, to share or publish your work effortlessly.
  5. Auto-Save: WonderPen automatically saves your work while you’re editing, ensuring that your progress is never lost. Additionally, you can back up all your documents as a single file for added peace of mind.
  6. Memo Support: Attach memos to individual documents to provide additional context or reminders related to your writing projects.
  7. Focus Mode: Zero in on a specific node of the document tree to concentrate on a particular section or aspect of your writing.
  8. Search Functionality: Quickly search through all your documents to find specific content or references.
  9. Automatic Backup: WonderPen includes automatic backup functionality to safeguard your work against unexpected data loss or system failures.

Whether you’re writing essays, articles, stories, or notes, WonderPen offers a user-friendly and efficient platform to bring your ideas to life.

WonderPen is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later. For support or feedback, users can reach out via the “Feedback” option in the “Help” menu.

To learn more about WonderPen or download the application, visit its homepage at