Name : Things

Size : 37 MB

Things for Mac V- 3.18.2

Things is a task management application designed for macOS that provides an elegant and intuitive way to organize and manage your tasks. It combines powerful features with simplicity to make task management easy and enjoyable. Here are some key features and highlights of Things:

  1. Leopard-Style Source List: Things uses a Leopard-style source list that allows you to easily focus on tasks without the need to switch view modes or deal with complex filter criteria.
  2. Tagging System: The application features a tagging system that helps you organize tasks with tags. It also includes a magical tag bar that automatically adapts to the currently displayed list, making it easy to drill down into tasks.
  3. Team Collaboration: Things offers collaboration features, allowing you to delegate tasks to members of your team. This feature is designed to support teamwork and task management.
  4. No Columns: Unlike traditional task management applications with multiple columns, Things displays task information as needed. This eliminates wasted space and ensures that you see relevant information only.
  5. Quick Entry HUD: A quick entry Heads-Up Display (HUD) allows you to enter tasks the moment they come to mind. This feature helps you capture ideas and tasks quickly, preventing distractions from unfinished business.
  6. Open XML File Format: Things uses an open XML file format to store your task data, ensuring that you are not locked into a proprietary system.
  7. GTD Support: Things is also compatible with the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. If you are familiar with GTD concepts, you’ll find it easy to incorporate them into Things.
  8. Compatibility: Things is compatible with macOS 10.13.0 (High Sierra) or later and is designed for 64-bit processors.
  9. Homepage: For more information about Things and to download the application, you can visit its official homepage on the Mac App Store: Things on Mac App Store.

Things provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for task management, allowing users to organize their tasks with tags, collaborate with teams, and capture ideas effortlessly. Its focus on simplicity and elegant design makes it a popular choice for users who want a seamless task management experience on macOS.