name : Smooze Pro 2.0.60

Size : 9 Mb

Smooze Pro 2.0.60

Smooze Pro 2.0.60 is a comprehensive macOS utility designed to enhance and customize the scrolling experience on your Mac, as well as provide additional functionality for mouse buttons and gestures. The software addresses the limitations of the built-in mouse preference pane provided by macOS, offering more extensive options for tailoring your mouse behavior to your preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and capabilities of Smooze Pro:

  1. Scrolling Enhancement: Smooze Pro ensures buttery smooth scrolling in all your applications, providing a seamless and enjoyable scrolling experience.
  2. Custom Mouse Button Actions: The software allows you to assign specific actions or functions to different mouse buttons, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.
  3. Mouse Gestures: Smooze Pro lets you assign gestures and Rocker gestures (actions performed when a specific mouse button is held down while clicking another) to various buttons, shortcuts, or applications. This enables you to execute specific actions quickly and intuitively.
  4. Auto Scroll: The Auto Scroll feature enables hands-free scrolling anywhere on the screen with smooth animations, enhancing the ease of navigation.
  5. Grab & Drag & Throw: You can grab and scroll anywhere on the screen, and throwing the content will mimic the scrolling animation found on trackpads, offering a natural and immersive scrolling experience.
  6. CPU Efficiency: Smooze Pro is highly optimized and utilizes only a minimal portion of your CPU power, even during extended and intensive use.
  7. High Frame Rate (FPS): The software synchronizes its drawings with your display’s refresh rate, ensuring a high-quality and fluid scrolling experience.
  8. Scroll Acceleration Control: You can disable scroll acceleration and configure the number of lines to scroll with each tick, allowing you to fine-tune your scrolling preferences. These features are available for free.
  9. Per-App Per-Display Settings: All settings can be configured on a per-app and per-display basis, providing fine-grained control over your mouse behavior for different applications and monitors.
  10. Intuitive Design: Smooze Pro offers an easy-to-use interface with a modern design, making it simple to configure and customize your mouse settings.
  11. Additional Features: The software also includes a “pro moustache,” which might be a playful or unique feature related to the software’s branding or user interface.

Smooze Pro 2.0.60 is compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later versions of the operating system.

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As with any software, users are encouraged to ensure compatibility with their specific macOS version and hardware, as well as to consider user reviews and official documentation before installing and using the software.