Name : RAW Power

Size: 57 MB

RAW Power for Mac Free Download V-3.4.16

RAW Power is a versatile photo editing and management application for macOS that offers advanced RAW editing capabilities and seamless integration with the macOS ecosystem, including Finder, Photos, and iCloud. It serves as a fast and non-destructive image editor, an Apple Photos library manager, and a Photos editing extension.

Here are some of the key features and functions of RAW Power:

  1. Advanced RAW Editing: RAW Power leverages Apple’s RAW engine, previously found in Aperture, to provide powerful and unique adjustments that can significantly improve your photos. This includes adjustments like Boost, which were previously only available in Aperture.
  2. Organize and Manage Photos Library: RAW Power can organize and manage your Photos Library, and it’s fully compatible with iCloud Photo Library. This means that changes you make to your Photos Library using RAW Power will sync across your other Macs and iOS devices.
  3. Finder Support: As a standalone image editor, RAW Power allows you to quickly browse any folder on your disk without the need for importing. It provides excellent non-destructive RAW processing directly from Finder.
  4. Rate and Filter: You can rate and flag your photos, and these ratings and flags sync seamlessly with iCloud Photos. The app also offers filtering options based on file type, rating, edit state, and flags.
  5. Edit Cross-Platform: RAW Power is available on iOS as well (separate purchase required), which allows you to start editing on one device and continue on another. It also functions as a Photos editing extension with all the same adjustments.
  6. Batch Processing: The app supports batch processing, enabling you to apply presets, paste adjustments, and export multiple images simultaneously. You can also apply auto-enhancements or auto-white balance to multiple images at once.
  7. Real-Time Editing: RAW Power is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including iPhone RAW images. It provides real-time control over Apple’s RAW adjustments, such as noise reduction, black point, gamut mapping, and more. Histograms, LUTs (Look Up Tables), cropping, white balance adjustments, and various filters are also available in real time.
  8. Customizable Presets: You can create and apply custom presets to streamline your editing workflow. Camera presets allow you to create a starting point for each camera model.
  9. High-Performance Engine: RAW Power utilizes a Metal-based image processing engine for improved performance and high-precision color imaging.
  10. Non-Destructive Editing: All changes made within RAW Power are stored non-destructively in sidecar files, preserving the original image.

RAW Power is a comprehensive tool for photographers who want more control over their RAW images and seamless integration with their macOS and iCloud-based workflows. It offers professional-grade editing features and can be used as both a standalone application and a Photos extension.