Name : Plugin Boutique Scaler EQ

Size : 59.85 MB

Plugin Boutique Scaler EQ for Mac free Download

Scaler EQ is a groundbreaking plugin that revolutionizes the way you EQ your audio with musicality and color. Here’s a detailed overview of its features and capabilities:

  1. In-Key EQ:
  • Boost only note frequencies in key with your song and reduce out-of-key frequencies for enhanced tonality and harmony.
  • Provides a new approach to working with cuts and boosts, resulting in more musical and natural-sounding EQ adjustments.
  1. Workflow:
  • Offers a familiar EQ workflow with a wide selection of band types, mid/side operation, dynamic bands, peak limiters, and stereo enhancement.
  • Easily apply classic mixing and mastering techniques with an optional musical edge.
  1. Usage Scenarios:
  • Ideal for music production, audio editing, audio engineering, mastering, and DJing.
  • Enhance the musicality of your tracks, simplify EQ processes, dynamically soothe audio, and improve your mix’s stereo width and focus.
  1. Harmonic Peak and Plus/Minus Filters:
  • Boosting with Scaler EQ focuses on frequencies that are in-key with the selected scale, resulting in warmer lows and sweeter highs.
  • Cutting reduces out-of-key frequencies, leading to clearer bass and less harsh highs while retaining musicality.
  1. Simple Key Detection:
  • Automatically capture the key of your music through audio or MIDI for quick setup of tonal boosts.
  • Easily add or remove notes in the selected scale for broader or more focused tonal colors.
  1. Musician- and Producer-Friendly Band Types:
  • Offers a variety of band types for boosts and cuts, including shelves, bells, high-pass/low-pass filters, and harmonic bands.
  • Magic Shelf bands work with stereo properties to enhance or reduce energy in specific frequency regions of the stereo panorama.
  1. Mastering Grade Limiters and Meters:
  • Acts as an all-in-one tool on your master channel with adjustable input/output levels, peak and RMS meters, and safety limiters for increased loudness.
  1. Dynamic EQ:
  • Each band can be set to dynamic mode, allowing dynamic compression and expansion with controls for threshold, ratio, attack, and release.
  • Control any shape dynamically via sidechain input for precise adjustments.
  1. Stereo Options:
  • Offers stereo channel selection (mid/side/stereo) for every band, enabling you to enhance or reduce energy in specific stereo regions.
  • Mono frequency selector allows you to make the bass region mono below a specified frequency.
  1. Additional Features:
    • Compatible with macOS 10.14 or later, with support for Apple Silicon or Intel Core processors.
    • Available in VST2, VST3, and AU formats for Mac and PC.

With its innovative approach to EQ processing and advanced feature set, Scaler EQ is a must-have tool for musicians, producers, audio engineers, and DJs looking to elevate their sound to new heights. Visit the homepage to learn more and experience the power of Scaler EQ.