Name : PhotoMill X

Size : 54 MB

PhotoMill X for Mac free Download 2.6.0

PhotoMill: Advanced Batch Image Processing for Mac

PhotoMill is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the bulk processing of images, including conversion, renaming, metadata editing, resizing, and watermarking. With its wide array of features, PhotoMill is ideal for photographers, designers, and anyone who needs to manage large collections of photos efficiently.

Key Features:

  1. Image Conversion:
  • Supports conversion to popular formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PNG, TIFF.
  • Handles various color models: RGB, Gray, CMYK.
  • Offers color depth options: 8/16/32 bits, with or without alpha channel.
  1. Metadata Editor:
  • Correct EXIF/IPTC tags: add GPS coordinates, remove private data, correct capture dates, add copyrights, keywords, or ratings.
  1. Photo Browser:
  • Image Info Panel: Displays detailed information about selected photos.
  • Groups Panel: Organizes photos into groups based on criteria like capture dates.
  • Search Panel: Allows multi-criteria search of photos.
  1. Batch Renaming:
  • Construct meaningful file names using text and tags (index, capture date, original name, image dimensions, etc.).
  • Rename photos without conversion if needed.
  1. Image Resizing:
  • Multiple geometry actions: scale, crop, add borders, trim, rotate, flip, auto rotate (by EXIF orientation), and change resolution.
  1. Watermarking:
  • Text Watermarks: Use metadata tags (capture date, keywords, camera maker) or custom text. Options for font size, multiline text, stroke, shadow, rotation, tiling, and more.
  • Image Watermarks: Size can be fixed or relative to main image. Tiling available.
  • Rectangle Watermarks: Backgrounds for text with options for square or rounded shapes, fill, and stroke colors with transparency.
  1. Color Adjustments:
  • Filters include auto contrast, auto white balance, gamma, contrast, exposure, sharpness, grayscale, sepia, colorize, temperature, and channel adjustments (HSL, HSV, RGB).
  • Transparency options: alpha mask, color to alpha, alpha to color.
  • Color matching: assign profiles, convert to profiles, and proof with profiles.

What’s New in Version 2.6.0:

  • Release notes were not available at the time of this update.


  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.12.2 or later.

Explore More:

For additional details and to download PhotoMill, visit the official PhotoMill homepage.