Name : PFS – FCPX Tracker Suite

Size :282 MB

PFS – FCPX Tracker Suite

The FCPX Tracker Suite from Pixel Film Studios is a bundle of motion tracking tools designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. It provides precise motion tracking capabilities that can significantly enhance your video editing workflow. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from this suite:

Key Features:

  • Motion Tracking Tools: The suite includes a range of motion tracking tools that allow you to track subjects or objects in your video clips. This can be especially useful for adding effects, text, graphics, and animations that follow the movement of the tracked element.
  • Improved Performance: The suite is designed to offer improved tracking performance, making it easier and more efficient to track subjects accurately within your video projects.
  • Creative Possibilities: With motion tracking, there are virtually no limits to what you can create in your videos. You can add dynamic elements that respond to the movement of your subjects, opening up a wide range of creative possibilities.
  • Final Cut Pro X Integration: As these tools are designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X, they seamlessly integrate with your video editing workflow within the application.
  • Professional Results: Motion tracking is a technique often used in professional video editing to achieve polished and visually appealing results. With the FCPX Tracker Suite, you can achieve professional-grade tracking in your projects.


You can find more information about the FCPX Tracker Suite from Pixel Film Studios and access it on their official homepage at

This suite is ideal for Final Cut Pro X users who want to take their video editing to the next level by incorporating precise motion tracking into their projects. Motion tracking can be a valuable tool for adding a professional and dynamic touch to your videos.