Name : Perfectly Clear WorkBench macOS

Size : 179 MB

Perfectly Clear WorkBench macOS Free Download

Perfectly Clear Workbench is an application that utilizes Athentech’s Perfectly Clear image correction libraries. It is designed to showcase the capabilities of the Perfectly Clear processing libraries and face detection library. The Workbench application allows you to quickly export image processing settings and demonstrates the power of Perfectly Clear technology. Here are some key features of Perfectly Clear Workbench:

  1. Image Correction Tools: Workbench provides a set of image correction tools, including preprocessing options for input looks and manual exposure corrections with “Image Ambulance.” It also offers “Face Aware” exposure for accurate auto-exposure adjustments in portraits and group photos.
  2. Black Point Tool: You can use the Black Point tool to enhance and deepen blacks in your images.
  3. Color Vibrancy Control: The new Color Vibrancy tool complements the existing “Vibrancy” control (now renamed Color Restoration).
  4. Sky and Foliage Enhancements: Workbench includes enhancements for improving the appearance of skies and foliage in your photos.
  5. Strength Sliders: Existing tools like Light Diffusion and Vibrancy now have strength sliders for better control.
  6. Advanced Face Detection: You can manually identify faces that are not detected automatically and make corrections to facial regions for optimal results.
  7. Histogram: Workbench features a histogram for visualizing and adjusting image tonality.
  8. Preset Management: The preset management system has been significantly improved for ease of use.

Supported Image Formats: Perfectly Clear Workbench requires RGB-formatted images in either 8 or 16-bit color depth. It can work with image files that Photoshop or Lightroom can open and convert to the RGB format. Monochrome and CMYK images must be converted to RGB before using Perfectly Clear. RAW files should be opened through Adobe Camera RAW and loaded into Photoshop to be accessible in Perfectly Clear.

Compatibility: Perfectly Clear Workbench is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later.

Perfectly Clear Workbench is a valuable tool for photographers and image editing professionals who want to enhance their photos with advanced image correction and face detection capabilities. It offers a range of features for improving image quality and provides a user-friendly interface for efficient editing.