Name : NXPowerLite Desktop

Size :58 MB

NXPowerLite Desktop 10.0.2 Mac free Download

NXPowerLite is a utility for macOS that specializes in compressing various types of files, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Word files. This compression process is designed to make files smaller, making it easier to email them as attachments or save storage space. Here are some key features of NXPowerLite:

  1. File Format Preservation: Compressed files retain the same file format and file extension as the original files. This means that you can continue working with them without any compatibility issues.
  2. Custom Profiles: NXPowerLite allows you to create custom compression settings profiles. You can quickly select these profiles from the home screen, which enhances productivity by streamlining the compression process.
  3. Finder Integration: The application integrates with the macOS Finder, allowing you to compress files directly from the Finder’s context menu without having to open the full application. This feature adds convenience to the compression process.
  4. Local Compression: All compression activities take place locally on your computer, ensuring that your files are not shared or uploaded online. This adds a layer of security and privacy to your file compression.
  5. Replace or Backup: When compressing files, you have the option to either replace the original file with the optimized version or create a backup of the original file. This choice provides flexibility in managing your files.
  6. Batch Compression: NXPowerLite supports batch compression, allowing you to compress up to 10,000 files at once. This feature is particularly useful for quickly reducing the size of folders containing multiple files.
  7. Compatibility: NXPowerLite is compatible with macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or later versions of the operating system.
  8. Homepage: For more information about NXPowerLite and to explore its features and offerings, you can visit the official NXPowerLite website: NXPowerLite Homepage.

NXPowerLite is a handy tool for users who need to reduce the size of various types of files while preserving their original format and quality. Whether you want to optimize files for email attachments, free up storage space, or improve file sharing efficiency, NXPowerLite simplifies the compression process on macOS.