Name : Native SQLite Manager 1.25.2

Size :87 MB

Native SQLite Manager 1.25.2 For Mac Free Download

Native SQLite Manager is a macOS application designed to provide a minimalist yet functional environment for managing SQLite databases. It offers several features to streamline the process of working with SQLite databases. Here are the key features of Native SQLite Manager:

  1. SQLite Version Compatibility:
  • Native SQLite Manager supports multiple versions of SQLite, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of SQLite databases.
  1. SQLCipher Support:
  • SQLCipher is supported, which means you can work with encrypted SQLite databases using this manager.
  1. SQLite Extensions:
  • The application supports SQLite extensions, allowing you to utilize additional features and functionality as needed.
  1. Autocompletion and Syntax Highlighting:
  • Native SQLite Manager provides autocompletion and syntax highlighting, making it easier to write and edit SQL queries.
  1. Customizable Themes:
  • Users can customize the application’s theme to match their preferences, providing a personalized working environment.
  1. SQL Formatter:
  • The manager includes an SQL formatter, which helps organize and format SQL queries for improved readability.
  1. Data Export and Import:
  • You can export data from your SQLite databases to various formats, including CSV, JSON, and XML.
  • Importing data from CSV files is also supported, simplifying the process of populating your databases.
  1. Minimalist Interface:
  • Native SQLite Manager is designed with a minimalist interface, focusing on essential database management tasks without unnecessary clutter or complexity.

Compatibility: Native SQLite Manager is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later and is designed to work on both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.

This application is available on the Mac App Store, where you can find it for download and installation.

Native SQLite Manager aims to provide a straightforward and efficient environment for working with SQLite databases, making it suitable for developers and users who require a minimalist yet capable SQLite database manager.