Name : Native Instruments Maschine 2.17.4

Size : 377.29 MB

Native Instruments Maschine 2.17.4

It looks like you’ve provided information about the features and updates of the MASCHINE software, specifically version 2.17.4. MASCHINE is a production software and hardware system developed by Native Instruments, designed for creating music and beats.

Here’s a summary of the key features and updates mentioned:

  1. Redesigned Interface: MASCHINE 2 comes with a redesigned interface that enhances workflow and creativity. It is designed to keep users moving seamlessly through various stages of music production.
  2. New Audio Engine: The software features a new audio engine that supports unlimited groups and insert effects. It offers multicore support for efficient processing, even when used as a VST or AU plugin. The audio engine also supports sidechaining for effects like ducking.
  3. Drum Synths: MASCHINE 2 introduces powerful drum synthesis capabilities. It includes six monophonic drum plugins with unique algorithms, allowing users to create custom-tuned electronic and acoustic drum sounds.
  4. Mixer Window: The software includes a mixer window that allows users to polish their tracks with ease. It provides volume and panning controls, clear metering with peak level indicators, and two aux sends per channel for flexible routing.
  5. New Plugin Strip: MASCHINE 2 offers a new plugin strip layout for instruments and effects. This layout provides visual recognition for faster and more intuitive control. It integrates with KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, as well as other VST, AU, or effect plugins.
  6. More Sound: Users can browse presets and load KOMPLETE 14 Instruments and Effects directly from MASCHINE 2’s interface. Additionally, it includes KOMPLETE 12 SELECT, offering a selection of professional sound tools.
  7. Additional Content: The update includes over 2000 new samples, 200 MASSIVE presets, and over 100 new kits. These additions make it easier to find and experiment with different sounds.
  8. Bug Fixes and Support: Version 2.17.4 includes bug fixes and support for changes in the VST3 SDK. It addresses issues related to multichannel output, plugin migration, and compatibility with Logic Pro.

MASCHINE is a versatile tool for music producers, offering a combination of hardware and software for creating, mixing, and performing music. It’s known for its intuitive workflow and sound capabilities.

For the most up-to-date information and to download the software, you can visit the Native Instruments MASCHINE website.