Name : Mitti

Size : 13 MB

Mitti for Mac free Download v- 2.5.6

Mitti: Video Cue Software for Seamless Presentations

Mitti is a powerful video cue software designed for professionals who need extensive control over audio and video input and output sources during live performances, presentations, or shows. With Mitti, you can import, organize, and control your visual and audio content seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and polished delivery.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Content Sources:
  • Import video or image files.
  • Connect cameras, Syphon, or NDI servers for flexible content sources.
  1. Playlist Management:
  • Import files or folders to the Mitti playlist using drag and drop.
  • Reorder the playlist easily for a customized sequence.
  1. Customizable Output:
  • Each entry in the playlist comes with its own control bar for detailed customization.
  • Adjust image opacity, brightness, contrast, and RGB proportions.
  • Apply built-in video effects to enhance visual appeal.
  • Set custom titles for each cue.
  1. Audio Control:
  • Toggle audio for each cue.
  • Add fade in or fade out effects to audio.
  • Replace the visual source or put the cue on loop.
  1. Multi-Screen Support:
  • Prepare visual representations to be displayed on multiple screens.
  • Deliver visual content from various sources simultaneously.
  1. Advanced Preferences:
  • Access project preferences to adjust SMPTE frame rate, fade duration, timecode input, audio input, and more.
  1. Output Options:
  • Send data to Blackmagic DeckLink or NDI compatible devices.
  • Send data to a Syphon server for extended flexibility.
  1. Remote Control:
  • Control Mitti remotely using MMC or MSC protocols.
  • Integrate with MIDI controllers for enhanced control.


  • macOS: 10.14 or later

Explore Mitti and elevate your live performances or presentations. Visit the official homepage for more information: Mitti