Name : MenubarX Pro

Size : 7 MB

MenubarX Pro for Mac free Download

MenubarX is a versatile and powerful menu bar browser designed for Mac power users. This productivity tool allows you to pin any websites to the menu bar, making it possible to access and interact with web applications just like native apps. MenubarX supports various Web, WPA, and PWA websites, offering a seamless and integrated browsing experience.

Key Features

  1. Unlimited Tabs: Manage multiple tabs without any restrictions.
  2. Unlimited Bookmarks: Bookmark your favorite sites for quick access.
  3. Custom Homepage: Set a custom homepage for your browser.
  4. Custom Site Icon: Personalize site icons for better recognition.
  5. Low Memory Usage: Efficiently manages system resources.
  6. Plenty of Web Apps: Access a wide range of web applications.
  7. Pinned Window: Keep important windows always on top.
  8. Detach Window: Detach and move windows as needed.
  9. Devices Simulator: Simulate iPhone, iPad, Android, or Kindle devices.
  10. Switch User-Agent: Change the user-agent to view sites in different modes.
  11. Resize Responsive: Easily resize windows for responsive views.
  12. Auto Refresh: Automatically refresh web pages at set intervals.
  13. Boss Keys: Quickly hide MenubarX with a shortcut.
  14. Dark Mode: Supports dark mode for better visibility in low light.
  15. Shortcuts: Utilize keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation.
  16. 5 Languages Support: Available in multiple languages.
  17. Download Manager: Manage your downloads efficiently.
  18. Colorful Icon Style: Customize icon styles to your preference.
  19. Web Notifications Push: Receive push notifications from websites.
  20. Quick Search: Quickly search the web from the menu bar.
  21. Native App Mode: Use web apps as if they were native apps.
  22. Background Audio: Continue playing audio in the background.
  23. Local Debugging: Debug local websites directly in MenubarX.
  24. Third-Party Integration: Integrates with other third-party apps.

Additional Information

  • System Integrity Protection (SIP): You need to disable SIP to perform certain actions with MenubarX.
  • Compatibility: Requires macOS 10.14.6 or later.


For more information and to download MenubarX, visit the MenubarX Homepage.

MenubarX brings a unique browsing experience to the macOS menu bar, allowing users to interact with web apps efficiently and productively. With its extensive feature set, it caters to the needs of Mac power users who seek to enhance their workflow.