Name : ScreenFloat

Size : 7 MB

Mac software ScreenFloat 1.5.21

ScreenFloat is a versatile macOS app that enhances your screenshot capabilities by allowing you to create floating screenshots that stay on top of all other windows. It’s designed to provide quick and easy access to information from your screenshots without the need to constantly resize or move windows. Here are some key features and uses of ScreenFloat:

Key Features:

  1. Floating Screenshots: ScreenFloat allows you to capture screenshots and have them appear as floating windows on top of all other open applications and windows. This means you can reference information from your screenshots without switching between windows.
  2. Quick Access: With ScreenFloat, you can quickly access information from your screenshots, making it a convenient tool for referencing data, copying and pasting information, or taking notes.
  3. Organization: The app includes a “Shots Browser” that enables you to organize your screenshots efficiently. You can tag and name your shots, creating a structured system for storing and categorizing your screenshots.
  4. Collections: ScreenFloat allows you to create “Collections” and “Smart Collections” to further organize your shots based on criteria you specify. This feature helps you keep your screenshots well-organized for easy retrieval.

Use Cases:

  • Research: ScreenFloat is perfect for researchers who need to reference information from multiple sources while working on a project. You can keep relevant screenshots floating above your research documents for quick access.
  • Data Entry: If you need to input data from a screenshot into another application, you can simply keep the screenshot floating while you work on the data entry task.
  • Note-taking: ScreenFloat can be used for taking notes based on information from screenshots. You can create a floating screenshot of a reference material and add notes alongside it.
  • Comparisons: When comparing data or visuals from multiple sources, you can capture screenshots and float them side by side for easy comparison.
  • Documentation: If you’re creating documentation or tutorials, you can use ScreenFloat to capture screenshots and keep them visible as you write or create content.

ScreenFloat is a valuable tool for users who frequently work with screenshots and need a more efficient way to reference, organize, and use screenshot information in their daily tasks.