Name : Chrono Plus – Time Tracker

Size : 7 MB

Mac Chrono Plus – Time Tracker V- 1.7.1 Download

Chrono Plus is a versatile task manager and time tracking tool designed to help users manage their tasks, track time, calculate costs, and generate invoices. It is particularly useful for freelancers or professionals who need to keep track of their work hours and expenses. Here are some key features of Chrono Plus:

Key Features:

  1. Task Management:
  • Quickly and easily create tasks and subtasks.
  • Use color marking and search functions for efficient navigation and organization.
  • Track the completion status of tasks and projects.
  1. Time and Cost Tracking:
  • Monitor the time spent on tasks and projects.
  • Keep track of costs associated with your work.
  • Detect idle time to accurately measure billable hours.
  1. Multiple Hourly Rates:
  • Set multiple hourly rates to accommodate different types of work or clients.
  • Customize billing rates based on the nature of your projects.
  1. Invoice Generation:
  • Create professional invoices directly within the app.
  • Invoices are formatted in MS Excel for easy editing and customization.
  • Send invoices to clients via email or save them for use in other applications.
  1. Project Visualization:
  • Visualize project data using graphs and charts.
  • Gain insights into your work patterns and project progress.
  1. Cross-Platform Sync:
  • Keep your data synchronized across multiple devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Mac.
  • Access your task and time tracking data from anywhere.
  1. Pro Version Included:
  • The Pro Version is included with the app, so you get access to all the features without additional in-app purchases.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.13 or later

Chrono Plus offers a comprehensive set of tools for professionals who need to manage their time, tasks, and expenses efficiently. It is available for download from the Mac App Store: Chrono Plus on the Mac App Store. Additionally, it is available for iPhone and iPad, ensuring that your data stays synchronized across all your Apple devices.