Name: Iridient Developer 4.0.0

Size : 35.0 MB

Iridient Developer 4.0.0 Mac OS

Iridient Developer is a powerful RAW image conversion application designed exclusively for macOS. It empowers advanced photographers with full control over their digital photographs while still providing an easy-to-use interface for batch conversion and basic adjustments for casual users. Here’s an overview of the key features and capabilities of Iridient Developer:

  1. Advanced Sharpening and Noise Reduction: The application offers six advanced sharpening methods, including unique algorithms like “Iridient Reveal” that combine edge enhancement and deconvolution techniques, traditional unsharp masking, high pass, difference of Gaussians, a hybrid algorithm, and a Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution based method. These methods operate in a special 32-bit/channel floating point color space to prevent color artifacts and retain incredible detail. Advanced hot/dead pixel filters and state-of-the-art noise reduction techniques help eliminate noise, especially in images with long exposures or high ISO settings.
  2. High-Quality Image Resizing: Iridient Developer provides a variety of resizing methods for web use or gallery-sized prints. These methods allow users to fine-tune output sharpness and detail levels to achieve the desired results without introducing artifacts.
  3. Flexible Camera Color Specification: The application supports a wide range of camera color specifications, from industry-standard ICC color profiles to DNG color matrix values and the latest DNG v1.4 camera profile (DCP) specification. This allows users to set the ideal color starting point, matching camera manufacturer presets or other RAW processing software.
  4. Extensive Image Adjustment Options: Users have complete control over the conversion process, including editable tone curves in RAW, RGB, and LAB color spaces, advanced highlight recovery, white balancing, noise reduction, sharpening, exposure compensation, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.
  5. Monochrome Conversion Options: Iridient Developer provides high-quality black and white conversion options, offering direct access to RAW image color planes, standard RGB channel mixers, LAB lightness-based conversion, custom duotones, and toning options.
  6. Fast, High-Quality Image Previews: The software allows users to make image adjustments while viewing a full-resolution, 16-bit per channel preview that’s fully color managed.
  7. Advanced Histogram View: The histogram view supports a wide range of levels (256, 512, or 1024) and viewing modes, including RGB and individual color channels, CIE lightness, luminance, chroma, hue, and saturation.
  8. Configurable Color Management: Iridient Developer supports Apple’s ColorSync and LittleCMS 2.6 color management engines. Users can specify camera or image-specific input profiles, working space profiles, and final output profiles.
  9. Batch Processing: The application supports unlimited batch processing, allowing users to make adjustments while other images are converted in the background. Drag-and-drop image conversion is supported, and the software offers various file formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and JPEG2000.
  10. Optimized for macOS Technologies: Iridient Developer is optimized for multi-core and multi-processor systems, making use of Intel processors’ advanced vector processing capabilities. It’s compatible with macOS technologies such as Grand Central Dispatch, 64-bit processing, Core Image, Quartz Extreme, and more.
  11. Metadata Support: The application supports IPTC, XMP, and EXIF v2.3 metadata when exporting to TIFF, PNG, or JPEG formats.
  12. “Processing Disabled” Output Mode: This mode allows for the export of linear files without any image adjustments or color matching operations. It’s useful for further processing with other image software or RAW workflows.

Compatibility: Iridient Developer requires macOS 10.13 or later.

For more information and detailed feature explanations, you can visit the official homepage of Iridient Developer: