Name : ClickCharts Professional

Size : 4.5 MB

Free Download ClickCharts Professional Mac V- 8.67

NCH Software’s Flowchart Software is a powerful tool for creating visual representations of processes, organizations, and other diagrams with a focus on user-friendly features. Here’s a breakdown of its capabilities:

  1. Chart Templates for Quick Start:
  • Kickstart your flowchart creation with a variety of pre-designed chart templates.
  1. Flexible Symbol and Line Styles:
  • Choose from an array of symbols and line connector styles to tailor your flowchart to specific needs.
  1. UML Standard Support:
  • Adheres to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard, providing a recognized framework for visual modeling.
  1. Customizable Colors and Styles:
  • Enjoy full control over colors, fills, and strokes, allowing for creative customization.
  1. User-Friendly Editing:
  • Execute common editing tasks effortlessly with functions like copy, paste, and undo.
  1. Efficient Sheet Handling:
  • Seamlessly manage large diagrams with sheet overlapping, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow.
  1. Multi-Diagram Editing:
  • Work on and edit multiple diagrams simultaneously, enhancing productivity.
  1. Artistic Style Precision:
  • Fine-tune artistic styles, including filling and lining, for precise control over your diagram’s appearance.
  1. Versatile Export Options:
  • Export your flowcharts in popular image formats (jpg, gif, png), facilitating easy sharing and integration with other applications.
  1. System Compatibility:
    • Compatible with macOS 10.10 or later, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.

In summary, NCH Software’s Flowchart Software offers a user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and support for recognized standards, making it an ideal choice for creating and sharing visually appealing diagrams. For additional details, you can explore the official NCH Software website.