Name : Capture One 23 Pro

Size : 723 MB

For Mac Capture One 23 Pro v- Download

Capture One 23 is a professional-grade RAW converter and image editing software designed to provide photographers with the highest image quality, powerful editing tools, and an efficient workflow. Here are some of the new features and improvements in Capture One 23:

1. Speed Edit: Speed Edit is a new feature that allows for faster and more intuitive editing. It enables you to adjust multiple image parameters simultaneously using keyboard shortcuts and a visual interface.

2. Dehaze: Capture One 23 introduces a Dehaze tool that helps you remove haze and improve the clarity of your photos, particularly useful for landscape and outdoor photography.

3. Improved Importer: The importer has been enhanced to make it even easier to import and organize your photos, ensuring a smooth start to your editing process.

4. General User Experience Improvements: Capture One 23 includes various user experience enhancements and tweaks to make the software more user-friendly and efficient.

5. HEIF Support: Capture One now supports High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format, allowing you to work with HEIF images captured on compatible devices.

6. Easy Brush Adjusting: Editing brushes have been improved, making it easier to adjust and refine local adjustments in your images.

7. Improved Performance: Capture One 23 offers enhanced performance, ensuring that you can work smoothly with even large RAW files.

8. Colored Gradients on White Balance Sliders: White balance adjustments now include colored gradients, providing a visual reference for fine-tuning color temperature and tint settings.

9. Enhanced Tooltips: Tooltips have been improved to provide more helpful and informative guidance as you navigate through the software.

10. Easy Access to Tutorials: Users can easily access tutorials and learning resources within Capture One, making it convenient to expand your editing skills.

Capture One 23 continues to be a top choice for professional photographers who demand the best image quality and editing capabilities. Whether you’re working with RAW files from high-end cameras or seeking a streamlined and efficient editing workflow, Capture One 23 offers a range of features and improvements to meet your needs.