Name : FCPX Full Access 2021 – Ultimate Bundle/M1 Compatible

Size :1.94 GB

FCPX Full Access 2021 – Ultimate Bundle/M1 Compatible

The “Ultimate Bundle for Final Cut Pro X” from FCPX Full Access appears to be a comprehensive package of Final Cut Pro plugins and tools. It offers a wide range of features and creative options for video editors using Final Cut Pro X. Here are some key highlights of this bundle:

Key Features:

  • Extensive Plugin Collection: This bundle includes every single Final Cut Pro plugin created by FCPX Full Access, making it a comprehensive package for enhancing your video editing projects.
  • Over 95 Pro Packs: The bundle comprises more than 95 professional packs, each offering unique effects, transitions, titles, and creative tools to enhance your video editing capabilities.
  • Apple Silicon (M1) Compatibility: The plugins are 100% compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) processors, ensuring smooth performance on the latest Mac hardware.
  • User-Friendly Controls: The plugins are designed with easy-to-use controls, making them suitable for editors of all levels. There is no steep learning curve, allowing you to start using them right away.
  • High Customizability: The plugins are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific project needs and creative preferences.
  • Creative Options: With a vast collection of plugins, you have access to a wide range of creative options, including effects, transitions, titles, and more.
  • Global Community: The bundle is used by thousands of Final Cut Pro editors worldwide, creating a global community of users who can share tips, tricks, and resources.
  • Secure Checkout: The checkout process is secure, offering multiple payment options, including Visa, PayPal, and Bitcoin.


  • The bundle is designed for use with Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s professional video editing software.


You can learn more about the “Ultimate Bundle for Final Cut Pro X” and access it from its official homepage at

This bundle is ideal for Final Cut Pro X users who want access to a wide range of plugins and creative tools to enhance their video editing projects. It appears to offer significant value by including over 95 pro packs and is suitable for both beginners and experienced editors.