Name : DxO PhotoLab 6 ELITE Edition

Size : 699.76 MB

DxO PhotoLab 6 ELITE Edition For Mac

DxO PhotoLab 6 formerly known as DxO Optics Pro, is a powerful photo editing software designed to help photographers enhance and optimize their images. It offers a wide range of features and advanced technologies for improving the quality of photos. Here are some of the key features and improvements in DxO PhotoLab:

Key Features:

  1. Smart Assisted Corrections: DxO PhotoLab provides a comprehensive set of smart assisted corrections that users can fine-tune manually. These corrections include noise reduction, exposure adjustments, color detail recovery, optical corrections, and detail enhancement.
  2. DxO DeepPRIME: DxO DeepPRIME is an AI-based technology designed to reduce digital noise in RAW images. It combines demosaicing and denoising processes simultaneously, resulting in smoother transitions, improved color detail preservation, and a significant reduction in noise. It allows photographers to shoot at high sensitivities while maintaining image quality.
  3. DxO Smart Lighting: This feature optimizes exposure and dynamic range, helping users recover details in both shadow and highlight areas.
  4. DxO ClearView: DxO ClearView reduces haze and enhances image clarity, making it particularly useful for landscape and outdoor photography.
  5. Optical Corrections: DxO PhotoLab includes sophisticated optical corrections to automatically correct lens distortions, chromatic aberrations, and other optical imperfections in photos.
  6. Selective Editing with U Point: The software introduces U Point technology, allowing users to perform selective editing by placing control points on specific areas of an image.

What’s New in Version 6:

  • DxO Wide Gamut Working Color Space: DxO PhotoLab 6 introduces a new color space called DxO Wide Gamut, which allows users to harness the potential of the latest printers and monitors, avoiding clipping in highly saturated areas.
  • Soft Proofing Mode: This new mode ensures accurate color reproduction, whether viewing images on screens or preparing them for various types of prints.
  • DeepPRIME XD Denoising Option: In addition to DeepPRIME, DeepPRIME XD offers even better noise reduction, more detail, and smoother bokeh when needed.
  • ReTouch Tool: The new ReTouch Tool provides precise control when cloning and repairing images, allowing for transformations and edits of source points and areas.
  • Nested Projects: Users can organize their collections of images more efficiently with nested Projects and groups of Projects.
  • Crop Tool Improvement: The Crop tool now allows users to rotate images while cropping.
  • Embedded Perspective Tools: Perspective correction tools (keystoning) are now natively available in the ELITE version.
  • Color Labels Support: Easily identify, classify, and cull images using color tags.
  • Exif & IPTC Fields: Improved metadata management with additional fields.
  • Sticky Headers in Source Tree: The user interface of the source tree has been redesigned for improved usability.
  • Keyword Tokens Improvement: Keyword tokens now show the full hierarchy if children have the same name.
  • Camera and Lens Database: More than 77,000 camera/lens combinations are now available for enhanced image processing.

Compatibility: DxO PhotoLab 6 requires macOS 11.6 or later.

For more information and to explore DxO PhotoLab, you can visit the official website at DxO PhotoLab. DxO PhotoLab is a comprehensive photo editing solution for photographers looking to enhance their images with advanced corrections and AI-based technologies.