Name : Duplicate File Finder Pro 7.2.0

Size : 39 MB

Duplicate File Finder Pro 7.2.0 For Mac Free Download

PrimeFile is a free utility for macOS that simplifies the process of finding and managing duplicate files on your Mac. It offers a user-friendly interface and various features to help users identify and remove duplicate files efficiently. Here are the key features of PrimeFile:

  1. Fast Scanning Algorithm:
  • PrimeFile employs a fast scanning algorithm that quickly scans your selected folders or drives for duplicate files.
  • You can drag and drop as many folders as you like and initiate the scan with a simple click.
  1. Scan for Duplicates in Multiple Locations:
  • The application allows you to scan for duplicates in multiple folders or drives on your Mac.
  • It also supports external drives and mounted network folders, extending its utility beyond the local system.
  1. Results Overview:
  • PrimeFile provides a visual chart report during the scanning process, giving you an overview of the results.
  • The duplicate files are categorized by types, such as images, videos, music, archives, documents, and more.
  1. Built-in Duplicates Search:
  • The app includes a built-in duplicates search feature.
  • It offers a preview and quick look for every file, making it easy to identify duplicates.
  1. Duplicates Management:
  • PrimeFile allows you to sort duplicates by various criteria, including name, size, total size, type, and duplicates count.
  • You can select multiple duplicate files for removal with a visual progress bar.
  • Smart duplicates auto-selection helps you streamline the selection process.
  • You can choose to move selected duplicates to the Trash or permanently remove them.
  1. Pro Upgrade (In-App Purchase):
  • Upgrading to the Pro version via in-app purchase offers additional features, including the ability to find duplicates in hidden folders and duplicate folders.
  • It also allows you to find similar folders that contain both unique and duplicate files.
  • Intelligent cleanup hints are available in the Pro version to further assist with managing duplicates.

Compatibility: PrimeFile is compatible with macOS 10.12 or later.

PrimeFile is a practical tool for Mac users looking to declutter their storage by identifying and removing duplicate files. Its intuitive interface and scanning options make it accessible to users of various skill levels, and the Pro version offers advanced features for more comprehensive file management.